FIFA Soccer 2004

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1[M] Must Be On9411B0F8 FDF2C7A6
2(Must Be On For "Scores 5 Per Goal" Cheats)24D1A6AA 9676C509
24D3A6A8 16748529
2452B628 5E74C510
24D3B628 1654C538
24D2A6A8 0676C58A
2450B688 9274C5A9
2450B688 1274C599
2451B62E 9B6E8DB8
24D2B488 1256C509
24D1B568 10F64778
3Player 1 Scores 5 Per Goal0410B628 1674C508
4Player 2 Scores 5 Per Goal0410B628 1674E508
5Start Career With 64000 Points249101B0 10BCCEE1
6Disable Career Spending249031A0 1534D13B
248030AC 1CBC9183
7Reset Clock (Hold Select & Press L2)D4C01A77 9F38DE46
24D03468 36F04598
8End Half (Hold Select + Press R2)D4C01A67 9F389E46
24D03478 36F00598
9Max Bio Points (This Game)254F68D6 CB8B8AB7
10(Must Be On For "Increase Team Score" Cheats)24D3BE88 1F4E8108
2450B6A2 17748129
24D3BE88 1F4E8119
24D3BE88 9F4E8138
24C0B6AE 1E7C8181
24D3BE88 9F4E81A9
24D1A6AA 9666C199
24D2B6A0 9657C1B9
24D2B4A4 1657C109
2440BC36 166E8822
24911168 30765314
11Max Bio Points (All Games)254F6BD6 CB0B8A97
12Increase Home Team Score (Hold Select & Press L1)D4C01A77 9E389E46
2453B6A8 1665C129
13Increase Away Team Score (Hold Select & Press R1)D4C01A77 9F389E4E
2453B6A8 1665C189

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13