Fairly Odd Parents: Shadow Showdown

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1[M] Must Be On9823AA76 7836F922
2816ED40 01E256D8
2816EDD8 B1C3F665
2816EDED A1C93175
2816EDD0 647552A5
2816EDA1 F7E22C0E
2816ED78 B1C3F665
2816ED03 A1C931FD
2816EDF7 647586F7
2816ED65 F7157AF1
2816ED6F A19B9524
2816EDF1 6D5AE47C
2816EDCF F7E27A0F
2816ED37 B1C3F665
2816EDA5 A1C931DF
2816ED3A 64757B15
2816EDDE F7427A56
2816ED57 A1C9907C
2816EDE6 6D6D7BF6
2Infinite Sprint280082A5 A1426965
3Infinite Luck2806558B A14269F2
4Max Crowns2800822B A142696A
5Have All Wish Stars2800F1D6 A1426903
6Have All Wishes2803299C A142691F
Progress Complete Codes
Fairly Disastrous
7Crowns284664B1 0CA5AC78
8Clover Leaves284664DE 0CA57A71
9Stickers28466457 0CA57A6A
10Video Clips284664E6 0CA57A56
Dad's Dream
11Crowns28466464 0CA5AC78
12Clover Leaves284664E5 0CA57A71
13Stickers2846649C 0CA57A6A
14Video Clips28465A40 0CA57A56
Take It On The Chin
15Crowns28465AA9 0CA5AC78
16Clover Leaves28465A55 0CA57A71
17Stickers28465AFB 0CA57A6A
18Video Clips28465AA0 0CA57A56
Get A Clue
19Crowns2846286F 0CA5AC78
20Clover Leaves284628F1 0CA57A71
21Stickers284628F2 0CA57A6A
22Video Clips284628CF 0CA57A56
Vicky Strikes Back
23Crowns2846288B 0CA5AC78
24Clover Leaves284628F6 0CA57A71
25Stickers28462815 0CA57A6A
26Video Clips284628B6 0CA57A56
The Great Esc-Ape
27Crowns2846F0AE 0CA5AC78
28Clover Leaves2846F082 0CA57A71
29Stickers2846F073 0CA57A6A
30Video Clips2846F05A 0CA57A56
31Unlock All Gallery28469AE6 948C883E
28469A93 948C883E
32All Videos28469A2E 948C883E

All by MadCatz1