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1[M] Must Be OnF454B72E 77E40416
Darius Codes
2Infinite Health/Power (Darius)14D01568 9D74534A
14D01569 9D74536A
3Max STR (Darius)14003E78 9C7401CA
4Max STA (Darius)14003E79 9C7401CA
5Max INT (Darius)14003E78 9C7401EA
6Max RES (Darius)14003E79 9C7401EA
7Max LUK (Darius)14003E78 9C7401DA
8Max ATK Statistics (Darius)14003C79 9C74017A
14003C78 9C7401CA
14003C79 9C7401CA
14003C78 9C7401EA
14003C79 9C7401EA
14003C78 9C7401DA
14003C79 9C7401DA
9Max DEF Statistics (Darius)14003F78 9C74014A
14003F79 9C74014A
14003F78 9C74016A
14003F79 9C74016A
14003F78 9C74015A
14003F79 9C74015A
14003F78 9C74017A
10Max Money (Darius)24037DC6 DC65487A
11Blue Fruit Are Worth Max Statistics (Darius)14903568 14F463E8
14803D6B 14F443E8
14803D6A 14F443D8
14803D6B 14F443D8
14803D6A 14F443F8
14803D6B 14F443F8
12Infinite Solta Swd Pal (Darius)14401D39 9C7413BA
13Infinite Paldio Hlm Pal (Darius)14003E39 9C74017A
14Infinite Paldio BP Pal (Darius)14401D39 9C7401FA
15Infinite Life Extract (Darius)14403E28 157443C8
16Infinite Antidote (Darius)14403E28 157443D8
17Infinite Billiana Leaf (Darius)14403C28 15744348
18Infinite Release Emblem (Darius)14403C28 15744358
19Infinite Orb Of Atonement (Darius)14403C28 157443C8
20Infinite Billiana Extract (Darius)14403C28 157443D8
21Infinite Red Fruit (Darius)14403F28 15744348
22Infinite Blue Fruit (Darius)14403F28 15744358
23Infinite Mushrooms (Darius)14403F28 157443C8
24Infinite Palmira Ore (Darius)14403F28 157443D8
25Infinite Sword Star (Darius)14403D28 15744348
26Infinite Royal Medal (Darius)14403D28 15744358
27Infinite Red Sphere (Darius)14403D28 157443C8
28Infinite Blue Sphere (Darius)14403D28 157443D8
29Infinite Master Key 2F (Darius)14403E28 15F44348
30Infinite Billiana Fruit (Darius)14403E28 15F44358
31Infinite Right Winged Key (Darius)14403E28 15F443C8
32Infinite Left Winged Key (Darius)14403E28 15F443D8
33Infinite Red Sphere(B) (Darius)14403C28 15F44348
34Infinite Blue Sphere(B) (Darius)14403C28 15F44358
35Infinite Scarlet Sphere (Darius)14403C28 15F443C8
36Infinite Azure Sphere (Darius)14403C28 15F443D8
37Infinite Dark Guide Post (Darius)14403F28 15F44348
38Infinite Caped Stat Body (Darius)14403F28 15F44358
39Infinite Caped Stat Head (Darius)14403F28 15F443C8
40Infinite Treasure Key (Darius)14403F28 15F443D8
41Infinite Soul Of Goddess (Darius)14403D28 15F44348
42Infinite Small Flower (Darius)14403D28 15F44358
43Infinite Transpot Palmira (Darius)14403D28 15F443C8
44Infinite Sealed Key (Darius)14403D28 15F443D8
45Have Serrated Blades (Darius)14501E28 14F45288
14501E28 14F45298
14501C28 14F45208
46Have Majestic Swords (Darius)14501C28 14F45218
14501C28 14F45288
14501C28 14F45298
47Have Degutlas (Darius)14501F28 14F45208
14501F28 14F45218
14501F28 14F45288
48Have Tear Blades (Darius)14501F28 14F45298
14501D28 14F45208
14501D28 14F45218
49Have Defenders (Darius)14501D28 14F45288
14501D28 14F45298
14101E28 14745208
50Have Alterstars (Darius)14101E28 14745218
14101E28 14745288
14101E28 14745298
51Have M.light Swords (Darius)14101C28 14745208
14101C28 14745218
14101C28 14745288
52Have Katanas (Darius)14101C28 14745298
14101F28 14745208
14101F28 14745218
53Have Clubs (Darius)14101F28 14745288
14101F28 14745298
14101D28 14745208
54Have Cleavers (Darius)14101D28 14745218
14101D28 14745288
14101D28 14745298
55Have Olden Warhammers (Darius)14101E28 14F45208
14101E28 14F45218
56Have Azure Headbands (Darius)14503F2A 14F448D8
14503D2A 14F44848
14503D2A 14F44858
57Have Blessed Masks (Darius)14503D2A 14F448C8
14503D2A 14F448D8
14103E2A 14744848
58Have Paldio Helmets (Darius)14103E2A 14744858
14103E2A 147448C8
14103E2A 147448D8
59Have Tylissa's Masks (Darius)14103C2A 14744848
14103C2A 14744858
14103C2A 147448C8
60Have Astute Turbans (Darius)14103C2A 147448D8
14103F2A 14744848
14103F2A 14744858
61Have Pots (Darius)14103F2A 147448C8
14103F2A 147448D8
14103D2A 14744848
62Have Swan Berets (Darius)14103D2A 14744858
14103D2A 147448C8
14103D2A 147448D8
63Have Rabbit Helmets (Darius)14103E2A 14F44848
14103E2A 14F44858
14103E2A 14F448C8
64Have Devine Halos (Darius)14103E2A 14F448D8
14103C2A 14F44848
14103C2A 14F44858
65Have Armor Of Frost (Darius)14501C2C 147440C8
14501C2C 147440D8
14501F2C 14744048
66Have F.Skin Armor (Darius)14501F2C 14744058
14501F2C 147440C8
14501F2C 147440D8
67Have Royal Robes (Darius)14501D2C 14744048
14D01D2C 15744158
14D01D2C 157441C8
68Have Paldio B.Plates (Darius)14501D2C 147440D8
14501E2C 14F44048
14501E2C 14F44058
69Have War Cry Armor (Darius)14501E2C 14F440C8
14501E2C 14F440D8
14501C2C 15F44148
70Have Volt Suit (Darius)14501C2C 15F44158
14501C2C 15F441C8
14501C2C 15F441D8
71Have Absorb. Armor (Darius)14501F2C 15F44148
14501F2C 15F441C8
72Have Armor Of Valour (Darius)14501F2C 15F441D8
14501D2C 15F44158
73Have Darkforge Armor (Darius)14501D2C 15F441C8
14501D2C 15F441D8
14101E2C 15744148
74Have Guard Boots (Darius)14101E2E 147448C8
14101E2E 147448D8
14101C2E 14744848
75Have Royal Boots (Darius)14101C2E 14744858
14101C2E 147448C8
14101C2E 147448D8
76Have Armored Boots (Darius)14101F2E 14744848
14101F2E 14744858
14101F2E 147448C8
77Have Dragolos Boots (Darius)14101F2E 147448D8
14101D2E 14744848
14101D2E 14744858
78Have Speed Boots (Darius)14101D2E 147448C8
14101D2E 147448D8
14101E2E 14F44848
79Have Woven Boots (Darius)14101E2E 14F44858
14101E2E 14F448C8
14101E2E 14F448D8
80Have Paldio Boots (Darius)14101C2E 14F44848
14101C2E 14F44858
14101C2E 14F448C8
81Have Heroic Necklace (Darius)14101F28 1CF44048
82Have Star Necklace (Darius)14101F28 1CF44058
83Have Pendant Of Hope (Darius)14101F28 1CF440C8
84Have Icon Of Divinity (Darius)14101F28 1CF440D8
85Have Icon Of Loyalty (Darius)14101D28 1CF44048
86Have Band Of Clarity (Darius)14101D28 1CF44058
87Have Ring Of Blessing (Darius)14101D28 1CF440C8
88Have Elder's Ring (Darius)14101D28 1CF440D8
89Have Amulet Of Purity (Darius)14503E28 1C744248
90Have Ring Of Resist (Darius)14503E28 1C744258
Sharline Codes
91Max Money (Sharline)24037DC6 DC6548CA
92Infinite Life Extract (Sharline)14003D28 95F451D8
93Infinite Antidote (Sharline)14401E28 95745148
94Infinite Billiana Leaf (Sharline)14401E28 95745158
95Infinite Release Emblem (Sharline)14401E28 957451C8
96Infinite Orb Of Atonement (Sharline)14401E28 957451D8
97Infinite Billiana Extract (Sharline)14401C28 95745148
98Infinite Red Fruit (Sharline)14401C28 95745158
99Infinite Blue Fruit (Sharline)14401C28 957451C8
100Infinite Mushrooms (Sharline)14401C28 957451D8
101Infinite Palmira Ore (Sharline)14401F28 95745148
102Infinite Sword Star (Sharline)14401F28 95745158
103Infinite Royal Medal (Sharline)14401F28 957451C8
104Infinite Red Sphere (Sharline)14401F28 957451D8
105Infinite Blue Sphere (Sharline)14401D28 95745148
106Infinite Master Key 2F (Sharline)14401D28 95745158
107Infinite Billiana Fruit (Sharline)14401D28 957451C8
108Infinite Right Winged Key (Sharline)14401D28 957451D8
109Infinite Left Winged Key (Sharline)14401E28 95F45148
110Infinite Red Sphere(B) (Sharline)14401E28 95F45158
111Infinite Blue Sphere(B) (Sharline)14401E28 95F451C8
112Infinite Scarlet Sphere (Sharline)14401E28 95F451D8
113Infinite Azure Sphere (Sharline)14401C28 95F45148
114Infinite Dark Guide Post (Sharline)14401C28 95F45158
115Infinite Caped Stat Body (Sharline)14401C28 95F451C8
116Infinite Caped Stat Head (Sharline)14401C28 95F451D8
117Infinite Treasure Key (Sharline)14401F28 95F45148
118Infinite Soul Of Goddess (Sharline)14401F28 95F45158
119Infinite Small Flower (Sharline)14401F28 95F451C8
120Infinite Transpot Palmira (Sharline)14401F28 95F451D8
121Infinite Sealed Key (Sharline)14401D28 95F45148
122Have Premier Spears (Sharline)14103E28 94F44248
14103E28 94F44258
14103E28 94F442C8
123Have Sacred Rods (Sharline)14103E28 94F442C8
14103C28 94F44248
14103C28 94F44258
124Have Velancers (Sharline)14103C28 94F442C8
14103C28 94F442D8
14103F28 94F44248
125Have Bloodclaws (Sharline)14103F28 94F44258
14103F28 94F442C8
14103F28 94F442D8
126Have Solta Bows (Sharline)14103D28 94F44248
14103D28 94F44258
14103D28 94F442C8
127Have Elite Bows (Sharline)14103D28 94F442D8
14501E28 94744248
14501E28 94744258
128Have Frying Pans (Sharline)14501E28 947442C8
14501E28 947442D8
14501C28 94744248
129Have Tiger Claws (Sharline)14501C28 94744258
14501C28 947442C8
14501C28 947442D8
130Have Avengers (Sharline)14501F28 94744248
14501F28 94744258
14501F28 947442C8
131Have Zul's Toys (Sharline)14501F28 947442D8
14501D28 94744248
14501D28 94744258
132Have Azure Headbands (Sharline)14501D2A 947442D8
14501E2A 94F44248
14501E2A 94F44258
133Have Kanzashis (Sharline)14501F2A 94F442D8
14501D2A 94F44248
14501D2A 94F44258
134Have Billiana Hoods (Sharline)14501D2A 94F442C8
14501D2A 94F442D8
14101E2A 94744248
135Have Pots (Sharline)14101E2A 94744258
14101E2A 947442C8
14101E2A 947442D8
136Have Armor Of Frost (Sharline)14503E2C 947450D8
14503C2C 94745048
14503C2C 94745058
137Have F.Skin Armor (Sharline)14503C2C 947450C8
14503C2C 947450D8
14503F2C 94745048
138Have Paldio B.Plate (Sharline)14503F2C 94745058
14503F2C 947450C8
14503F2C 947450D8
139Have Volt Suit (Sharline)14503D2C 94745048
14503D2C 94745058
14503D2C 947450C8
140Have Absorb. Armor (Sharline)14503D2C 947450D8
14503E2C 94F45048
14503E2C 94F45058
141Have Dragolos Armor (Sharline)14503E2C 94F450C8
14503E2C 94F450D8
14503C2C 94F45048
142Have Armor of Valor (Sharline)14503C2C 94F45058
14503C2C 94F450C8
14503C2C 94F450D8
143Have HRL - 000 - A (Sharline)14503F2C 94F45058
14503F2C 94F450C8
14503F2C 94F45048
144Have Swan Berets (Sharline)14101C2A 94744248
14101C2A 94744258
14101C2A 947442C8
145Have Cat Ears (Sharline)14101C2A 947442D8
14101F2A 94744248
14101F2A 94744258
146Have Rabbit Helmets (Sharline)14101F2A 947442C8
14101F2A 947442D8
14101D2A 94744248
147Have Armored Boots (Sharline)14503D2E 94F450D8
14103E2E 94745048
14103E2E 94745058
148Have Dragolos Boots (Sharline)14103E2E 947450C8
14103E2E 947450D8
14103C2E 94745048
149Have Speed Boots (Sharline)14103C2E 94745058
14103C2E 947450C8
14103C2E 947450D8
150Have Woven Boots (Sharline)14103F2E 94745048
14103F2E 94745058
14103F2E 947450C8
151Have Paldio Boots (Sharline)14103F2E 947450D8
14103D2E 94745048
14103D2E 94745058
152Have HRL - 000 - B (Sharline)14103D2E 947450C8
14103D2E 947450D8
14103E2E 94F45048
153Have Cat Feet (Sharline)14103E2E 94F45058
14103E2E 94F450C8
14103E2E 94F450D8
154Have Heroic Necklace (Sharline)14103C28 9CF45058
155Have Star Necklace (Sharline)14103C28 9CF450C8
156Have Pendant Of Hope (Sharline)14103C28 9CF450D8
157Have Icon Of Divinity (Sharline)14103F28 9CF45048
158Have Icon Of Loyalty (Sharline)14103F28 9CF45058
159Have Band Of Clarity (Sharline)14103F28 9CF450C8
160Have Ring Of Blessing (Sharline)14103F28 9CF450D8
161Have Elder's Ring (Sharline)14103D28 9CF45048
162Have Amulet Of Purity (Sharline)14103D28 9CF45058
163Have Ring Of Resist (Sharline)14103D28 9CF450C8

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