EA Sports Fight Night 2004

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1[M] Must Be On945A9162 9CB445E8
24CEBE98 9F56C100
24D5A6AA 9276C129
2456F608 1E7CC010
24C3E604 1654C138
24D2A628 9674C18A
24C0B6BA 9A57C1A8
2455B6A8 1674C199
24C4AEBA 1276C0B9
2457A4A8 0674C108
2450B428 1E7CC028
24D4B488 9256C119
24C3E404 1654C13A
2452A428 9674C188
2455B4A8 1674C1A9
24C4ACBA 1276C099
2457A4A8 0674C1B8
2450B728 1E7CC008
24D4B78A 9256C129
24D0BF2C 16668918
24D1B7B4 9F7CC139
24D0B728 1674C188
24D114E8 127657D0
2Full Stats: Agility24C5AEBA 52F6C009
24DFE688 52F4C129
24D5B6A8 42F5C118
24C0B68E 8ED4C139
24C4B628 9FF68980
2491B628 38B6C374
3Full Stats: Body24C5ADBA 52F6C009
24DFE588 52F4C129
24D5B5A8 42F5C118
24C0B58E 8ED4C139
2454BD2C 97F68982
24D1972E 3836C3D4
4Full Stats: Chin24C5AFBA 52F6C009
24DFE788 52F4C129
24D5B7A8 42F5C118
24C0B78E 8ED4C139
24D4BF28 97F68982
24D1962C 3836C3E4
5Full Stats: Cuts2485ACBA 5276C009
249FE488 5274C129
2495B4A8 4275C118
2480B48E 8E54C139
2414BC2E 1F768980
24C1952A 30B6C344
6Full Stats: Heart2485AEBA 5276C009
249FE688 5274C129
2495B6A8 4275C118
2480B68E 8E54C139
2494BE2A 1F768980
24C19628 30B6C3F4
7Full Stats: Power2485AFBA 5276C009
249FE788 5274C129
2495B7A8 4275C118
2480B78E 8E54C139
2414B72E 9F768982
24C1B52C 30B6C3D4
8Full Stats: Speed2485ADBA 5276C009
249FE588 5274C129
2495B5A8 4275C118
2480B58E 8E54C139
2484B52C 17768982
2481B72E 3036C364
9Full Stats: Stamina24C5ACBA 52F6C009
24DFE488 52F4C129
24D5B4A8 42F5C118
24C0B48E 8ED4C139
2444B42C 9FF68980
2491B72A 38B6C3C4
10Infinite: Rating Points24C186A8 9A74C109
24D49628 1776C922
24C996B8 9254C119
24D1BE28 3036C164
24D0B728 3434C14C
11Max: Bank2400AEAC 9BE68109
2400AE86 9AE5C82B
2498BE88 12C6C119
2405BE3E 96F68838
24811528 1836D784
24D09128 16B4D3EC
Player 1 Codes
12Player 1: Infinite Health0450B728 1674C188
13Player 1: Infinite Stamina0450B729 1674C188
14Player 1: No Health04D0B728 1674C18A
15Player 1: No Stamina04D0B729 1674C18A
Player 2 Codes
16Player 2: Infinite Health0450B728 1674E188
17Player 2: Infinite Stamina0450B729 1674E188
18Player 2: No Health04D0B728 1674E18A
19Player 2: No Stamina04D0B729 1674E18A
Profile 1 Codes
20Profile 1: Unlocked And Purchased: All Entrance Music/Entourage/Signature Punches244FCDD6 CB4B0E57
21Profile 1: Unlocked And Purchased: All Protective Gear/Entrance Effects244FCDD6 CB4B0E67
22Profile 1: Unlocked And Purchased: All Tattooes/Taunts244FCDD6 CB4B0E77
23Profile 1: Unlocked And Purchased: All Trunks/Shoes/Gloves244FCFD6 CB4B0EE7
244FCDD6 CB4B0E47

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23