Dynasty Warriors 3

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1[M] Must Be OnF440172A 5F7C5ECE
P1 Infinite Health, Arrow, Musou Codes
2Infinite Arrows - Yi LingD4D0976A 9434475E
15403428 3EF4518E
3Infinite Musou - Yi LingD4D0976A 9434475E
15D03C2F BEF4518C
D4D0976A 9434475E
15D03E2F BEF4510C
4Infinite Health - Yi LingD4D0976A 9434475E
15D03E2E BEF4510C
D4D0976A 9434475E
15D03D2E BE7451BC
5Infinite Arrows - NanmanD450976A 9434475E
15403428 3EF455CE
6Infinite Musou - NanmanD450976A 9434475E

7Infinite Musou - Nanman15D03C2F BEF455CC
8Infinite Musou - NanmanD450976A 9434475E
9Infinite Musou - Nanman15D03E2F BEF4554C
10Infinite Health - NanmanD450976A 9434475E
15D03E2E BEF4554C
D450976A 9434475E
15D03D2E BE7455FC
11Infinite Arrows - Jie TingD4D0976C 1434475C
1540B428 3EF451CE
12Infinite Musou - Jie TingD4D0976C 1434475C
D4D0976C 1434475C
15D0BE2F BEF4514C
13Infinite Health - Jie TingD4D0976C 1434475C
15D0BE2E BEF4514C
D4D0976C 1434475C
15D0BD2E BE7451FC
14Infinite Arrows - You TingD450976C 1434475C
1540B468 3EF455CE
15Infinite Musou - You TingD450976C 1434475C
D450976C 1434475C
15D0BE6F BEF4554C
16Infinite Health - You TingD450976C 1434475C
15D0BE6E BEF4554C
D450976C 1434475C
15D0BD6E BE7455FC
17Infinite Arrows - He Fei CD4D0976C 1434475E
15403068 3EF445CE
18Infinite Musou - He Fei CD4D0976C 1434475E
15D0386F BEF445CC
D4D0976C 1434475E
15D03A6F BEF4454C
19Infinite Health - He Fei CD4D0976C 1434475E
15D03A6E BEF4454C
D4D0976C 1434475E
15D0396E BE7445FC
20Infinite Arrows - Wu ZhangD450976C 1434475E
1540B068 3EF451CE
21Infinite Musou - Wu ZhangD450976C 1434475E
15D0B86F BEF451CC
D450976C 1434475E
15D0BA6F BEF4514C
22Infinite Health - Wu ZhangD450976C 1434475E
15D0BA6E BEF4514C
D450976C 1434475E
15D0B96E BE7451FC
P2 Infinite Health, Arrow, Musou Codes
23P2: Infinite Arrows - Y. TurbanD4D09768 1434475C
15001428 3E7453CE
24P2: Infinite Musou - Y.TurbanD4D09768 1434475C
15901C2F BE7453CC
D4D09768 1434475C
15901E2F BE74534C
25P2: Infinite Health - Y.TurbanD4D09768 1434475C
15901E2E BE74534C
D4D09768 1434475C
15D01D2E BEF453FC
26P2: Infinite Arrows - H.L.GateD4509768 1434475C
15001428 3E7457CE
27P2: Infinite Musou - H.L.GateD4509768 1434475C
15901C2F BE7457CC
D4509768 1434475C
15901E2F BE74574C
28P2: Infinite Health - H.L.GateD4509768 1434475C
15901E2E BE74574C
D4509768 1434475C
15D01D2E BEF457FC
29P2: Infinite Arrows - A. On LBD4D09768 1434475E
15009468 3E7453CE
30P2: Infinite Musou - A. On LBD4D09768 1434475E
15909C6F BE7453CC
D4D09768 1434475E
15909E6F BE74534C
31P2: Infinite Health - A. On LBD4D09768 1434475E
15909E6E BE74534C
D4D09768 1434475E
15D09D6E BEF453FC
32P2: Infinite Arrows - W.CastleD4509768 1434475E
15009068 3E74578E
33P2: Infinite Musou - W.CastleD4509768 1434475E
15009069 3E74578E
D4509768 1434475E
15909A6F BE74570C
34P2: Infinite Health - W.CastleD4509768 1434475E
15909A6E BE74570C
D4509768 1434475E
15D0996E BEF457BC
35P2: Infinite Arrows - Wu TerrD4D09768 9434475C
15009428 3E7453CE
36P2: Infinite Musou - Wu TerrD4D09768 9434475C
15909C2F BE7453CC
D4D09768 9434475C
15909E2F BE74534C
37P2: Infinite Health - Wu Terr.D4D09768 9434475C
15909E2E BE74534C
D4D09768 9434475C
15D09D2E BEF453FC
38P2: Infinite Arrows - Guan DuD4509768 9434475C
15001028 3E7457CE
39P2: Infinite Musou - Guan DuD4509768 9434475C
1590182F BE7457CC
D4509768 9434475C
15901A2F BE74574C
40P2: Infinite Health - Guan DuD4509768 9434475C
15901A2E BE74574C
D4509768 9434475C
15D0192E BEF457FC
41P2: Infinite Arrows - GY EscapeD4D09768 9434475E
15001028 3E7457CE
42P2: Infinite Musou - GY EscapeD4D09768 9434475E
1590182F BE7457CC
D4D09768 9434475E
15901A2F BE74574C
43Have All Movies2407BE76 F9AC0826
44Unlock Opening Option1400BE77 BDBC0806
45All Characters2411F768 343401BC
2411F568 3434010C
2411F568 3434012C
2411F568 3434011C
2411F568 3434013C
2411F568 3434018C
2411F568 343401AC
2411F568 3434019C
2411F568 343401BC
0410B668 34B4410C
46All Levels & Sides240FECD6 E90F0807
240FECD6 E90F0827
240FECD6 E90F0817
240FECD6 E90F0837
240FECD6 E90F0887
240FECD6 E90F08A7
240FECD6 E90F0897
240FECD6 E90F08B7
240FEFD6 E90F0807
240FEFD6 E90F0827
240FEFD6 E90F0817
240FEFD6 E90F0837
240FEFD6 E90F0887
240FEFD6 E90F08A7
240FEFD6 E90F0897
P1 Infinite Health, Arrow, Musou Codes
47Infinite Arrows - Y.TurbanD4D09768 1434475C
15403428 3EF4518E
48Infinite Musou - Y.TurbanD4D09768 1434475C
15D03C2F BEF4518C
D4D09768 1434475C
15D03E2F BEF4510C
49Infinite Health - Y.TurbanD4D09768 1434475C
15D03E2E BEF4510C
D4D09768 1434475C
15D03D2E BE7451BC
50Infinite Arrows - H.L.GateD4509768 1434475C
15403428 3EF4558E
51Infinite Musou - H.L.GateD4509768 1434475C
15D03C2F BEF4558C
D4509768 1434475C
15D03E2F BEF4550C
52Infinite Health - H.L.GateD4509768 1434475C
15D03E2E BEF4550C
D4509768 1434475C
15D03D2E BE7455BC
53Infinite Arrows - A. On LBD4D09768 1434475E
1540B468 3EF4518E
54Infinite Musou - A. On LBD4D09768 1434475E
15D0BC6F BEF4518C
D4D09768 1434475E
15D0BE6F BEF4510C
55Infinite Health - A. On LBD4D09768 1434475E
15D0BE6E BEF4510C
D4D09768 1434475E
15D0BD6E BE7451BC
56Infinite Arrows - W.CastleD4509768 1434475E
1540B028 3EF451CE
57Infinite Musou - W.CastleD4509768 1434475E
15D0B82F BEF451CC
D4509768 1434475E
15D0BA2F BEF4514C
58Infinite Health - W.CastleD4509768 1434475E
15D0BA2E BEF4514C
D4509768 1434475E
15D0B92E BE7451FC
59Infinite Arrows - Wu Terr.D4D09768 9434475C
1540B428 3EF4518E
60Infinite Musou - Wu Terr.D4D09768 9434475C
15D0BC2F BEF4518C
D4D09768 9434475C
15D0BE2F BEF4510C
61Infinite Health - Wu Terr.D4D09768 9434475C
15D0BE2E BEF4510C
D4D09768 9434475C
15D0BD2E BE7451BC
62Infinite Arrows - Guan DuD4509768 9434475C
15403028 3EF4558E
63Infinite Musou - Guan DuD4509768 9434475C
15D0382F BEF4558C
D4509768 9434475C
15D03A2F BEF4550C
64Infinite Health - Guan DuD4509768 9434475C
15D03A2E BEF4550C
D4509768 9434475C
15D0392E BE7455BC
65Infinite Arrows - GY EscapeD4D09768 9434475E
15403428 3EF4458E
66Infinite Musou - GY EscapeD4D09768 9434475E
15D03C2F BEF4458C
D4D09768 9434475E
15D03E2F BEF4450C
67Infinite Health - GY EscapeD4D09768 9434475E
15D03E2E BEF4450C
D4D09768 9434475E
15D03D2E BE7445BC
68Infinite Arrows - Chang BanD4509768 9434475E
1540B068 3EF451CE
69Infinite Musou - Chang BanD4509768 9434475E
15D0B86F BEF451CC
D4509768 9434475E
15D0BA6F BEF4514C
70Infinite Health - Chang BanD4509768 9434475E
15D0BA6E BEF4514C
D4509768 9434475E
15D0B96E BE7451FC
71Infinite Arrows - Chi BiD4D0976A 1434475C
1540B028 3CF441CE
72Infinite Musou - Chi BiD4D0976A 1434475C
15D0B82F BCF441CC
D4D0976A 1434475C
15D0BA2F BCF4414C
73Infinite Health - Chi BiD4D0976A 1434475C
15D0BA2E BCF4414C
D4D0976A 1434475C
15D0B92E BC7441FC
74Infinite Arrows - Cheng DuD450976A 1434475C
1540B468 3EF4458E
75Infinite Musou - Cheng DuD450976A 1434475C
15D0BC6F BEF4458C
D450976A 1434475C
15D0BE6F BEF4450C
76Infinite Health - Cheng DuD450976A 1434475C
15D0BE6E BEF4450C
D450976A 1434475C
15D0BD6E BE7445BC
77Infinite Arrows - Tong GateD4D0976A 1434475E
1540B428 3EF451CE
78Infinite Musou - Tong GateD4D0976A 1434475E
D4D0976A 1434475E
15D0BE2F BEF4514C
79Infinite Health - Tong GateD4D0976A 1434475E
15D0BE2E BEF4514C
D4D0976A 1434475E
15D0BD2E BE7451FC
80Infinite Arrows - He FeiD450976A 1434475E
15403428 3EF4458E
81Infinite Musou - He FeiD450976A 1434475E
15D03C2F BEF4458C
D450976A 1434475E
15D03E2F BEF4450C
82Infinite Health - He FeiD450976A 1434475E
15D03E2E BEF4450C
D450976A 1434475E
15D03D2E BE7445BC
83Infinite Arrows - Fan CastleD4D0976A 9434475C
1540B468 3CF4518E
84Infinite Musou - Fan CastleD4D0976A 9434475C
15D0BC6F BCF4518C
D4D0976A 9434475C
15D0BE6F BCF4510C
85Infinite Health - Fan CastleD4D0976A 9434475C
15D0BE6E BCF4510C
D4D0976A 9434475C
15D0BD6E BC7451BC
86Infinite Arrows - Ding JunD450976A 9434475C
1540B468 3EF4558E
87Infinite Musou - Ding JunD450976A 9434475C
15D0BC6F BEF4558C
D450976A 9434475C
15D0BE6F BEF4550C
D450976A 9434475C
88Infinite Health - Ding Jun15D0BE6E BEF4550C
D450976A 9434475C
15D0BD6E BE7455BC
Have Items Codes
89Basic Steel Rod1450957F B5BC15E6
90Basic Studded Tonfa14109661 3C3415EC
91Basic Strike Voulge14109471 3C3415EE
92Basic Mirage Staff14109761 BD3415EC
93Basic Beast Gauntlet14109571 BD3415EE
94Basic Hawk Boomerang14109663 3CB415E4
95Basic Violet Fans14109473 3CB415E6
96Basic Great Sword14109763 BDB415E4
97Basic Swift Rapier14109573 BDB415E6
98Basic Dragon Spear14D0B665 3C3C576C
99Basic Blue Dragon1450B665 3C3C17EC
100Basic Snake Blade14D0B475 3C3C576E
101Basic Kirin Sword1450B475 3C3C17EE
102Basic Bull14D0B765 BD3C576C
103Basic Bone Crusher1450B765 BD3C17EC
104Basic Elder Sword14D0B575 BD3C576E
105Basic Eagle1450B575 BD3C17EE
106Basic Wolf Slayer14D0B667 3CBC5764
107Basic Gold Orb1450B667 3CBC17E4
108Basic White Feather14D0B477 3CBC5766
109Basic Sword of Heaven1450B477 3CBC17E6
110Basic Sky Piercer14D0B767 BDBC5764
111Basic Luna Charm1450B767 BDBC17E4
112Basic Gold Dragon14D0B577 BDBC5766
113Basic Lone Wolf1450B577 BDBC17E6
114Basic King Wolf1480B669 3434566C
115Basic Star Sword1400B669 343416EC
116Basic Master Sword1480B479 3434566E
117Basic Steel Stallion1400B479 343416EE
118Basic Sage Sword1480B769 B534566C
119Basic Demon Sword1400B769 B53416EC
120Basic Dragon Blade1480B579 B534566E
121Basic Black Feather1400B579 B53416EE
122Basic Tiger Hook1480B66B 34B45664
123Basic River Master1400B66B 34B416E4
124Basic Vapour1480B47B 34B45666
125Basic Staff of Fire1400B47B 34B416E6
126Basic Destroyer1480B76B B5B45664
127Basic Peacock Claw1400B76B B5B416E4
128Basic Moon Flute1480B57B B5B45666
129Basic Shadow Rod1400B57B B5B416E6
130Basic Conqueror14C0966D 343C566C
131Basic Double Star1440966D 343C16EC
132Basic Staff of Wind14C0947D 343C566E
133Basic Beast Master1440947D 343C16EE
134Basic Fire Wheel14C0976D B53C566C
135Basic Beauty1440976D B53C16EC
136Basic Grace14C0957D B53C566E
137Basic Holy Avenger1440957D B53C16EE
138Basic Celestial Blade14C0966F 34BC5664
139Basic Fierce Dragon1440966F 34BC16E4
140Basic Blue Moon Dragon14C0947F 34BC5666
141Basic Viper Blade1440947F 34BC16E6
142Basic Kirin Fang14C0976F B5BC5664
143Basic Mad Bull1440976F B5BC16E4
144Basic Stone Crusher14C0957F B5BC5666
145Basic Ancients Sword1440957F B5BC16E6
146Basic Falcon14809661 3C34566C
147Basic Tiger Slayer14009661 3C3416EC
148Basic Gold Globe14809471 3C34566E
149Basic Peacock Feather14009471 3C3416EE
150Basic Wrath Of Heaven14809761 BD34566C
151Basic Sky Scorcher14009761 BD3416EC
152Basic Sol Chakram14809571 BD34566E
153Basic Gold Moon Dragon14009571 BD3416EE
154Basic Savage Wolf14809663 3CB45664
155Basic Master Wolf14009663 3CB416E4
156Basic Grand Star14809473 3CB45666
157Basic Grand Master14009473 3CB416E6
158Basic Steel Dragon14809763 BDB45664
159Basic Oracle Sword14009763 BDB416E4
160Basic Demon Fang14809573 BDB45666
161Basic Dragon Breath14009573 BDB416E6
162Basic Dark Feather14C0B665 3C3C402C
163Basic White Tiger1440B665 3C3C00AC
164Basic Sea Master14C0B475 3C3C402E
165Basic Blink1440B475 3C3C00AE
166Basic Volcano Staff14C0B765 BD3C402C
167Basic Marauder1440B765 BD3C00AC
168Basic Peacock Talon14C0B575 BD3C402E
169Basic Dark Moon Flute1440B575 BD3C00AE
170Basic Black Shadow14C0B667 3CBC4024
171Basic Overlord1440B667 3CBC00A4
172Basic Double Comet14C0B477 3CBC4026
173Basic Tornado Staff1440B477 3CBC00A6
174Basic King of Beasts14C0B767 BDBC4024
175Basic Magma Wheel1440B767 BDBC00A4
176Basic True Beauty14C0B577 BDBC4026
P2 Infinite Health, Arrow, Musou Codes
177P2: Infinite Health - GY EscapeD4D09768 9434475E
15901A2E BE74574C
D4D09768 9434475E
15D0192E BEF457FC
178P2: Infinite Arrows - Chang BanD4509768 9434475E
15001428 3E74578E
179P2: Infinite Musou - Chang BanD4509768 9434475E
15901C2F BE74578C
D4509768 9434475E
15901E2F BE74570C
180P2: Infinite Health - Chang BanD4509768 9434475E
15901E2E BE74570C
D4509768 9434475E
15D01D2E BEF457BC
181P2: Infinite Arrows - Chi BiD4D0976A 1434475C
15009068 3C74478E
182P2: Infinite Musou - Chi BiD4D0976A 1434475C
1590986F BC74478C
D4D0976A 1434475C
15909A6F BC74470C
183P2: Infinite Health - Chi BiD4D0976A 1434475C
15909A6E BC74470C
D4D0976A 1434475C
15D0996E BCF457BC
184P2: Infinite Arrows - Cheng DuD450976A 1434475C
15809468 3E7447CC
185P2: Infinite Musou - Cheng DuD450976A 1434475C
15909C6F BE7447CC
D450976A 1434475C
15909E6F BE74474C
186P2: Infinite Health - Cheng DuD450976A 1434475C
15909E6E BE74474C
D450976A 1434475C
15D09D6E BEF447FC
187P2: Infinite Arrows - Tong GateD4D0976A 1434475E
15009468 3E74578E
188P2: Infinite Musou - Tong GateD4D0976A 1434475E
15909C6F BE74578C
D4D0976A 1434475E
15909E6F BE74570C
189P2: Infinite Health - Tong GateD4D0976A 1434475E
15909E6E BE74570C
D4D0976A 1434475E
15D09D6E BEF457BC
190P2: Infinite Arrows - He FeiD450976A 1434475E
15801428 3E7447CC
191P2: Infinite Musou - He FeiD450976A 1434475E
15901C2F BE7447CC
D450976A 1434475E
15901E2F BE74474C
192P2: Infinite Health - He FeiD450976A 1434475E
15901E2E BE74474C
D450976A 1434475E
15D01D2E BEF447FC
193P2: Infinite Arrows - Fan CastleD4D0976A 9434475C
15009468 3C7453CE
194P2: Infinite Musou - Fan CastleD4D0976A 9434475C
15909C6F BC7453CC
D4D0976A 9434475C
15909E6F BC74534C
195P2: Infinite Health - Fan CastleD4D0976A 9434475C
15909E6E BC74534C
D4D0976A 9434475C
15D09D6E BCF453FC
196P2: Infinite Arrows - Ding JunD450976A 9434475C
15009468 3E7457CE
197P2: Infinite Musou - Ding JunD450976A 9434475C
15909C6F BE7457CC
D450976A 9434475C
15909E6F BE74574C
198P2: Infinite Health - Ding JunD450976A 9434475C
15909E6E BE74574C
D450976A 9434475C
15D09D6E BEF457FC
199P2: Infinite Arrows - Yi LingD4D0976A 9434475E
15001428 3E7453CE
200P2: Infinite Musou - Yi LingD4D0976A 9434475E
15901C2F BE7453CC
D4D0976A 9434475E
15901E2F BE74534C
201P2: Infinite Health - Yi LingD4D0976A 9434475E
15901E2E BE74534C
D4D0976A 9434475E
15D01D2E BEF453FC
202P2: Infinite Arrows - NanmanD450976A 9434475E
15001428 3E74538E
203P2: Infinite Musou - NanmanD450976A 9434475E
15901C2F BE74538C
D450976A 9434475E
15901E2F BE74530C
204P2: Infinite Health - NanmanD450976A 9434475E
15901E2E BE74530C
D450976A 9434475E
15D01D2E BEF453BC
205P2: Infinite Arrows - Jie TingD4D0976C 1434475C
15009468 3E74578E
206P2: Infinite Musou - Jie TingD4D0976C 1434475C
15909C6F BE74578C
D4D0976C 1434475C
15909E6F BE74570C
207P2: Infinite Health - Jie TingD4D0976C 1434475C
15909E6E BE74570C
D4D0976C 1434475C
15D09D6E BEF457BC
208P2: Infinite Arrows - You TingD450976C 1434475C
15009468 3E74538E
209P2: Infinite Musou - You TingD450976C 1434475C
15909C6F BE74538C
D450976C 1434475C
15909E6F BE74530C
210P2: Infinite Health - You TingD450976C 1434475C
15909E6E BE74530C
D450976C 1434475C
15D09D6E BEF453BC
211P2: Infinite Arrows - He Fei CD4D0976C 1434475E
15001068 3E74438E
212P2: Infinite Musou - He Fei CD4D0976C 1434475E
1590186F BE74438C
D4D0976C 1434475E
15901A6F BE74430C
213P2: Infinite Health - He Fei CD4D0976C 1434475E
15901A6E BE74430C
D4D0976C 1434475E
15D0196E BEF443BC
214P2: Infinite Arrows - Wu ZhangD450976C 1434475E
15001428 3E74578E
215P2: Infinite Musou - Wu ZhangD450976C 1434475E
15901C2F BE74578C
D450976C 1434475E
15901E2F BE74570C
216P2: Infinite Health - Wu ZhangD450976C 1434475E
15901E2E BE74570C
D450976C 1434475E
15D01D2E BEF457BC
Have Weapons & Items Codes
217Speed Scroll & 5014D0B770 34BC555C
218Wing Boots & 501450B771 34BC555C
219Dragon Amulet & 5014D0B770 34BC557E
220Peacock Urn & 501450B771 34BC557E
221Tiger Amulet & 5014D0B770 B4BC55CC
222Tortoise Amulet & 501450B771 B4BC55CC
223Huang's Bow & 5014D0B770 B4BC55EE
224Shell Armor & 501450B771 B4BC55EE
225Horned Helm & 5014D0B772 34BC55DC
226Cavalry Armor & 501450B773 34BC55DC
227Seven Star Orb & 5014D0B772 34BC55FE
228Wind Scroll & 501450B773 34BC55FE
229Elixir & 5014D0B572 B4BC554C
230Red Hare Saddle1450B57B B5B41544
231Hex Mark Saddle14D0B56A B4B4156E
232Imperial Saddle1450B56B B4B4156E
233The Art of War14D0B56C 34B4155C
234Bodyguard Manual1450B56D 34B4155C
235The Way of Musou14D0B56C 34B4157E
236Survival Guide1450B56D 34B4157E
237Defender14D0B56C B4B415CC
238Fire Arrows1450B56D B4B415CC
239Buckler14D0B56C B4B415EE
240Power Scroll1450B56D B4B415EE
241Gold Harness14D0B56E 34B415DC
242Basic Steel Sword1410B669 343415EC
243Basic Long Sword1410B479 343415EE
244Basic Great Scimitar1410B769 B53415EC
245Basic Long Spear1410B579 B53415EE
246Basic Great Halberd1410B66B 34B415E4
247Basic Strike Axe1410B47B 34B415E6
248Basic Spiked Club1410B76B B5B415E4
249Basic Wing Sabers1410B57B B5B415E6
250Basic Spiral Rods1450966D 343C15EC
251Basic Great Mace1450947D 343C15EE
252Basic Warlord Fan1450976D B53C15EC
253Basic C. Chakram1450957D B53C15EE
254Basic War Axe1450966F 34BC15E4
255Basic Steel Claw1450947F 34BC15E6
256Basic Steel Flute1450976F B5BC15E4
257Basic True Grace1440B577 BDBC00A6
258Basic Fu Xi's Sword1490BE69 3434492C
259Basic Nu Wa's Rapier1410BE69 343409AC

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