Disgaea Hour of Darkness

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1[M] Must Be On94C03CBC 36665294
Press [R3] In Game To Activate Your Codes
2Max ExperienceE4839969 34ECBAD6
2408FD96 ADBF9813
2483BD3C 39B4D93A
3Max HLE4839969 34ECBAD6
244ABF9E E9BE8902
24D0B72E 34B48120
Character 1
4Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
2490B434 353481E8
5Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CED2E F8B788D3
Character 2
6Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D0B534 35B491F8
7Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CEF2E F8B79843
Character 3
8Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D0B774 35B48528
9Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CEE6E F8B78C13
Character 4
10Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D0B674 35B49538
11Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CEF6E F8379C83
Character 5
12Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D0B774 353485E8
13Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CEE6E F8378CD3
Character 6
14Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D0B674 353495F8
15Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CCD6E F8B78E43
Character 7
16Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24909574 35B49768
17Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CCC6E F8B79E53
Character 8
18Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24909474 35B48338
19Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CCD6E F8378A83
Character 9
20Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24909574 353493A8
21Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CCC6E F8379A93
Character 10
22Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24909474 353483F8
23Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CCE6E F8378A43
Character 11
24Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24909674 35349368
25Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CCF6E F8B79A53
Character 12
26Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D09334 35B48738
27Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CCA2E F8B78E83
Character 13
28Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D09234 35B497A8
29Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CCB2E F8379E93
Character 14
30Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D09334 353487F8
31Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
244CC82E F8378E43
Character 15
32Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
24D09034 35349768
33Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CE92E F8B79E53
Character 16
34Max LevelD4003B77 1FBC9C46
2490B134 35B48338
35Max ManaD4003B77 1FBC9C46
240CE82E F8B78A83

All by MadCatz1