Crimson Tears

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1[M] Must Be On948595F2 92BE9128
24DAF70A 1675C108
24D8B7AA 1A44C128
249133AA 10B6C344
2Infinite HP24813FAE 9C97857C
249137B8 1497C5CD
3Low MT24C1BEAC 9657C100
2450B628 1E7CC128
24DAF60A 1675C118
24D2B6AC 1A56C139
2491B0A8 32B6C580
4Infinite Ammo2498B4CC B296D76C
5Infinite Item - Tool Use24901168 1634C7E8
6Max HP248127AE 1DB6C4DF
24813DAE 9C97855D
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7Max LV2441B4A8 1E74C11B
24D9B4AA 1E54C139
8Max EXP24C9B4A8 1656C108
24D9B4AE 1E56C129
9Max AT2441BCB8 9E74818B
24D9B4AC 1654C1A9
10Max DF2441BCB8 9E74819B
24D9B4AE 1654C1B9
11Max Funds2450A7AA 9266C18B
2450A79E 9A65C0AB
24DAF70A 1675C198
24D0BF8E 9A46C1B9
24D131AC 90B6D354
12Max Item - Weapon Slots2441B5A8 1A64C10B
24DAF50A 1675C128
24D9B5A8 1A45C119
249110AE 10B6D5F4
13Disable Timer1D4401B37 BFBC1840
249832E8 A67C51FA
D4401B37 3FBC1842
241832E8 267C51F8
14Unlock All Levels24001C36 9B3C9A37
24981C92 1214938D

1Press [L3] to stop, [R3] to start.

All by MadCatz1, 13