Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home

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1[M] Must Be OnF446BE30 BB6C0D16
2All Enemies Die Instantly: P11411997E 97B45B1A
3All Enemies Die Instantly: P21451983E 97B45B5A
4Infinite Health: P124509032 97B4135A
5Infinite Health: P224109172 97B4131A
6Never Stunned P1: Large Stun Bar25901528 34F443C8
7Never Stunned P1: Medium Stun Bar25D01528 34F443C8
8Never Stunned P1: Small Stun Bar25903528 34F443C8
9Never Stunned P2: Large Stun Bar25D03528 347451C8
10Never Stunned P2: Medium Stun Bar25901528 347443C8
11Never Stunned P2: Small Stun Bar25D01528 347443C8
12Unlock Bonus Games: King Of The Hill14909428 163447B8
13Unlock Bonus Games: Tag14909728 16344718
14Unlock Characters: Adrianne Pain14901368 343453F8
15Unlock Characters: Atrocity XXX14D01068 34345378
16Unlock Characters: Da Bone Doctor14901268 343453F8
17Unlock Characters: Dameon Redd14901268 34345378
18Unlock Characters: El Chicharron14901068 34345378
19Unlock Characters: El Drunko14D01268 34B45378
20Unlock Characters: Hernia14901168 34345378
21Unlock Characters: JCW's Evil Dead14D01168 343453F8
22Unlock Characters: Karnage14903368 34B45378
23Unlock Characters: Mad Man Pondo14D01068 343453F8
24Unlock Characters: Madrox14D01068 34B453F8
25Unlock Characters: Masked Horn Dog14D01168 343453F8
26Unlock Characters: Masked Mike14903168 34B45378
27Unlock Characters: Rosie14901368 34345378
28Unlock Characters: Ross Lover14D01168 34B453F8
29Unlock Characters: Sabu14D01268 343453F8
30Unlock Characters: Sally14D01268 34B453F8
31Unlock Characters: Shaggy 2 Dope14D01268 34345378
32Unlock Characters: Sonny D. Chopper14901068 343453F8
33Unlock Characters: Tom Dub14D01368 34B453F8
34Unlock Characters: Tylene14903068 34B45378
35Unlock Characters: Violent J14903168 34B453F8
36Unlock Levels: Backyard Bedlam14909268 34344348
37Unlock Levels: Club Beatdown14909068 34344368
38Unlock Levels: Mall14903268 34B45158
39Unlock Levels: Mansion14903268 34B451E8
40Unlock Levels: Mansion Mayhem14909068 343443F8
41Unlock Levels: Meatlocker Mash14909268 343443D8
42Unlock Levels: Shopping Spree14909068 343443C8
43Unlock Levels: Talkshow Terror14909368 34344358
44Unlock Levels: Television Studio14903068 34B45148
45Unlock Levels: Truckstop Turmoil14909268 34344378
46Unlock Movies: Backyard Babes 10114903068 34B451C8
47Unlock Movies: Bumps And Bruises14903368 34B45158
48Unlock Movies: Clown Chaos14903168 34B451D8
49Unlock Movies: Collateral Damage14903368 34B451E8
50Unlock Movies: Credits14D01268 343451C8
51Unlock Movies: Horsing Around14903068 34B451F8
52Unlock Movies: JCW Boys14903168 34B45178
53Unlock Movies: Kids Today...14903168 34B45148

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