Burnout 3: Take Down (With GS Media Player)

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1[M] Must Be On7604CCE0 00000000
770001BB 660C5955
983B632B 78FBC848
2816ED40 01E29C01
2816EDD8 9AA90465
2816EDED B1C31665
2816EDD0 A1C26E87
2816ED0C 64B77AED
2816ED03 01E29C01
2816EDF7 9AA90465
2816ED54 B1C3EC65
2816ED01 A1C97041
2816ED65 64ACAC65
2Infinite Boost76097850 00000000
282A6FF9 A1426965
3Max Boost76005290 00000000
280067CF A14269F1
4Max Burnout Points7604D8D0 00000000
284B3CCF 1CD1A03E
5Max Cash76060190 00000000
284B3CF2 1CD1A03E
6Unlock All Events760D8560 00000000
484BA276 0C557A56
1476EBC2 0CA57A65
7Have All Gold Medals7602F830 00000000
184B9724 0CA5E40F
484B97E0 0C7E7A56
51D11138 0CA57A65
184B3165 0CA5E40F
284B3171 0CA57A0F
8Have All Cars in Garage7604B4C0 00000000
184B31E1 0CA5AC56
484B31B1 0CA17A56
1476EBC2 0CA57A65
9Have All Signature Takedowns760F0860 00000000
084B310F 0CA57A56
484B316F 0CD07A56
1476EBC2 0CA57A65
184B3137 0CA5AC56
084B3138 0CA57A56
10Have All Crash Headlines76027CE0 00000000
084B318E 0CA57A56
284B31A5 0296AC56
284B313A 0296AC56

All by MadCatz1