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1[M] Must Be OnF450BC32 FBF40426
2Press L1 Faster AccelerationD400BB37 9D788A0A
2490F0A8 243445E8
3Infinite Turbo All Races14C09F7B 34B442F8
4Infinite Credits Championship14509272 973483CA
14503732 97B4850A
14103372 9534138E
5Unlock Cars24D01228 1434454C
24D01228 1434456C
24D01228 1434455C
24D01229 1434455C
24D01228 1434457C
24D01228 143445CC
24D01228 143445EC
24D01228 143445DC
6Unlock All Tracks04D01028 1434456C
04D01028 1434457C
04D01028 143445EC
04D01028 143445FC
04D01328 1434456C
04D01328 1434457C
7Unlock All Face Offs04D01228 14B4457C
04D01228 14B445CC
04D01228 14B445EC
04D01228 14B445DC
8Unlock Survival04D01228 14B445FC
9Best Stats Single Race24D01628 1634C388
24501628 1634C3A8
24D01528 16B4C388
24501528 16B4C3A8
24035F86 DEA5CA8A
24437C86 DEA5D88A
24037E86 DEA5D88A
10Best Championship24D01428 16B4D788
24501428 16B4D788
24901628 16B4D788
24101628 16B4D7A8
24437D86 DE25CCCA
24037F86 DE25CCCA
24435C86 DE25CCCA
2402D590 27240247
2400C504 2A36436F
2493D598 2F36025D
2406D518 AE3C027D
24809534 3E3402C6

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10