Bujingai (With GS Media Player)

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1[M] Must Be On760083A0 00000000
770001AB 970C1955
94C0B5BC 3DE64406
2Infinite Health Gauge76011D90 00000000
25F61128 5264D94C
3Infinite Spell Gauge760A8AB0 00000000
25F0112A 1674D15E
4Infinite Defense Gauge7602B120 00000000
25F0112A 1674D1CE
5Max Health Gauge76035BB0 00000000
25F61128 5264D96C
6Max Spell Gauge7608CC90 00000000
25F0112A 1674D17E
7Max Defense Gauge7600F700 00000000
25F0112A 1674D1EE
8Max Orbs760B0F10 00000000
2415957E 9AE0521A
9Max Ryuugatou Level760A5D40 00000000
15F0183F 1EF49164
10Max Tenreiken Level76039D60 00000000
15F0183E 1EF49154
11No Continues Used7605F390 00000000
24909568 16F05328
12Have All Spells76000C30 00000000
2411D568 16F01338
2411D568 16F01388
2411D568 16F013A8
24119568 16F01398
13Unlock Stage Select76056AA0 00000000
0440BF6F 9E70439A
14Unlock High Scores760504C0 00000000
0440BF6F 9E70639A
15Unlock Edit Opening Scene760D8990 00000000
0440BF6E 9E7043BA
16Unlock Movie Viewer7608FF90 00000000
0440BF6E 9E70631A
1440BF77 9F780A12
244FEFD7 CB4B0A13
17Unlock Character Viewer760AD170 00000000
244FEFD6 CB4B0A83
1440BF76 9F780AA2
0440BF6E 9E7063AA
18Unlock Lau Costume Setting760FA1D0 00000000
0440BF6E 9E70639A

All by MadCatz1