Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (European)

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1(M) Must Be OnEC877870 1456E60A
2Infinite Health1CD31054 1456E745
Claire Codes
3Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 1 (Claire)4CD31CD0 1456E404
4Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 2 (Claire)4CD31CD4 1456E404
5Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 3 (Claire)4CD31CD8 1456E404
6Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 4 (Claire)4CD31CDC 1456E404
7Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 5 (Claire)4CD31CE0 1456E404
8Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 6 (Claire)4CD31CE4 1456E404
9Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 7 (Claire)4CD31CE8 1456E404
10Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 8 (Claire)4CD31CEC 1456E404
Steve Codes
11Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 1 (Steve)4CD31F50 1456E404
12Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 2 (Steve)4CD31F54 1456E404
13Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 3 (Steve)4CD31F58 1456E404
14Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 4 (Steve)4CD31F5C 1456E404
15Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 5 (Steve)4CD31F60 1456E404
16Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 6 (Steve)4CD31F64 1456E404
17Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 7 (Steve)4CD31F68 1456E404
18Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 8 (Steve)4CD31F6C 1456E404
Chris Codes
19Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 1 (Chris)4CD31C10 1456E404
20Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 2 (Chris)4CD31C14 1456E404
21Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 3 (Chris)4CD31C18 1456E404
22Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 4 (Chris)4CD31C1C 1456E404
23Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 5 (Chris)4CD31C20 1456E404
24Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 6 (Chris)4CD31C24 1456E404
25Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 7 (Chris)4CD31F28 1456E404
26Infinite Item/Ammo Slot 8 (Chris)4CD31F2C 1456E404
Miscellaneous Codes
27Acid Rounds11CD31F04 1446E404
28Always First Save4CD31AD8 1456E7A5
29Assault Rifle1CD31FCC 1454E404
30BOW Gas Rounds1CD31E54 1439E404
31Blue Herb1CD31F20 1447E404
32Boardclip1CD31E2C 14D9E404
33Bow Gun1CD31FE0 1457E404
34Bow Gun Arrows1CD31F0C 1444E404
35Bow Gun Powder1CD31E4C 1433E404
36Combat Knife1CD31FE4 144EE404
37Custom Handgun1CD31FEC 144CE404
38Enhanced Handgun1CD31E28 14D3E404
39Family Picture1CD31E34 14CCE404
40First Aid Spray1CD31F14 144AE404
41Flame Rounds1CD31F08 1445E404
42Freeze Timers21CD1CDBC 1456B00C
43Gas Mask1CD31E5C 1437E404
44Gold Lugers1CD31E44 1435E404
45Green Herb1CD31F18 1449E404
46Grenade Launcher1CD31FDC 1458E404
47Grenade Rounds1CD31F00 144FE404
48Gun Powder Arrow1CD31E50 143AE404
49Hand Gun Bullets1CD31FF4 1452E404
50Handgun1CD31FD8 1459E404
51Handgun 21CD31FE8 144DE404
52Ink Ribbon1CD31E3C 143FE404
53Linear Launcher1CD31FF0 144BE404
54Low End Time1CD322F8 1456E7A5
55Luger Replica1CD31E30 14CEE404
56M-100P1CD31F24 14D0E404
57M. Gun Bullets1CD31E58 1438E404
58M93R Parts1CD31F10 1443E404
59Magnum1CD31E40 1436E404
60Magnum Bullets1CD31FF8 1451E404
61Magnum Bullets1CD31E38 1440E404
62No Retries4CD322FE 1456E7A5
63Red Herb1CD31F1C 1448E404
64Rifle Bullets1CD31E60 142EE404
65Rocket Launcher1CD31FC8 1455E404
66Shotgun1CD31FD4 145AE404
67Shotgun Shells1CD31FFC 1450E404
68Sniper Rifle1CD31FD0 1453E404
69Sub-Machine Gun1CD31E48 1434E404
70Unlock Extras4CD31A5C 1456B00C

1Only use the codes for items you need. DO NOT use all of them at once.
2The timer code will cause a timer to appear on screen all the time, only use when needed.

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