Guilty Gear X (European)

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1Must Be On (M)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
21P Always Win After 1st RoundCE4B44A6 BCA99B83
32P Never WinCE4B44AE BCA99A82
4Hyper Mode Off (Select+R2)10E9F8CBE BCA99C84
DE8560FA CCA99B87
5Hyper Mode On (Select+L2)20E9F8CBE BCA99C85
DE8560FA D0E99B93
6Infinite Double Jump P1CE4B3B66 BCA9A38B
7Infinite Double Jump P2CE4B3AA6 BCA9A38B
8Max Score P1DE4B4472 3B999B83
9Max Survival Level P1C1DF9CFE BCA99E6A
10Max Tension Gauge P1CE4B3B8E BCA9CB10
11Max Tension Gauge P2CE4B3BCE BCA9CB83
12No Tension Gauge P2CE4B3BCE BCA99B83
13P2 Always AnjiCE479E50 BCA99B90
14P2 Always AxleCE479E50 BCA99B88
15P2 Always BaikenCE479E50 BCA99B8C
16P2 Always ChippCE479E50 BCA99B8A
17P2 Always DizzyCE479E50 BCA99B93
18P2 Always FaustCE479E50 BCA99B8D
19P2 Always JamCE479E50 BCA99B8F
20P2 Always JohnnyCE479E50 BCA99B91
21P2 Always KyCE479E50 BCA99B85
22P2 Always MayCE479E50 BCA99B86
23P2 Always MilliaCE479E50 BCA99B87
24P2 Always PotemkinCE479E50 BCA99B89
25P2 Always SolCE479E50 BCA99B84
26P2 Always TestamentCE479E50 BCA99B8E
27P2 Always VenomCE479E50 BCA99B92
28P2 Always ZatoCE479E50 BCA99B8B
29P2 Remains KO LongerCE4B3AB4 BCA99B82
30Press Select+Up For Timer Up0E9F8CBE BCA9AC83
31Slow Motion30E9F8CBE BCA99C87
DE856092 CCA99B83
DE856092 CCA99B8F
32Timer Goes QuickerFE479DBA BCA99B93
33Unlock CharactersDE478F4E BCA99B85
Play As Character Codes
34Play As Anji40E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B90
35Play As Axle0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B88
36Play As Baiken0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B8C
37Play As Chipp0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B8A
38Play As Dizzy0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
39Play As Faust0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B8D
40Play As Jam0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B8F
41Play As Johnny0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B91
42Play As Ky0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B85
43Play As May0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B86
44Play As Millia0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B87
45Play As Potemkin0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B89
46Play As Sol0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B84
47Play As Testament0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B8E
48Play As Venom0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B92
49Play As Zato0E9F8CBE BCA99B92
CE479E56 BCA99B8B

1Use both hyper codes, turn off during loading.
2Use both hyper codes, turn off during loading.
3Press Select+L1 to activate and Select+R1 to disactive.
4For all of these "Play As Character" codes, press L1+R1+R2+L2 in game to modify character for next battle.

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