7 Blades (European)

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1(M) Must Be OnECAED8E8 1422D4AC
2Have 7th Blade1CC846CC 1456E7A4
3Have Shotgun & Shotgun Ammo1CE00E98 1456E7A6
1CE00EB8 1456E781
4Infinite Health1CD79590 1456E6A5
1CDEE884 1356E6A5
5L2 To Fill Special Gokuraku - Maru0CC4A066 1456B10C
1CC84964 1456B00C
6Press R2 For Fill Beserk0CC4A066 1456B20C
1CC84964 1456E7A5

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6