Onimusha Tactics (European)

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1[M] Must Be On9452337277DD
2Infinite Att. Points45AA0B19307E
3Have all Level 99 Weapons+Items4E0832CAB1C7
41st Character: Infinite HP97EC692A7F5B
51st Character: Maximum HPECB50498302C
61st Character: Infinite SPECB104D8B0A4
71st Character: Maximum SPECB804D8B3A6
81st Character: Quick Level Gain97E5692A7C59
92nd Character: Infinite HPB6B50498306C
102nd Character: Maximum HPB6BC0498336E
112nd Character: Infinite SPB6B804D8B3E6
122nd Character: Maximum SPB6B144F8F8C4
132nd Character: Quick Level GainCDEC41A87B1B
143rd Character: Infinite HP96A104883361
153rd Character: Maximum HP96A804883063
163rd Character: Infinite SP96AC04C8B0EB
173rd Character: Maximum SP96A544E8FBC9
183rd Character: Quick Level GainB7F841B87856
194th Character: Infinite HPCC282E0A3423
204th Character: Maximum HPCC216E2A7F01
214th Character: Infinite SPCC256E6AFF89
224th Character: Maximum SPCC2C6E6AFC8B
234th Character: Quick Level GainCC212E0A3721
245th Character: Infinite HP96216E2A7F41
255th Character: Maximum HP96286E2A7C43
265th Character: Infinite SP962C6E6AFCCB
275th Character: Maximum SP97652B4AB7F9
285th Character: Quick Level Gain96282E0A3463
296th Character: Infinite HPEDF841B87816
306th Character: Maximum HPCCA104883321
316th Character: Infinite SPCCA504C8B3A9
326th Character: Maximum SPCCAC04C8B0AB
336th Character: Quick Level GainEDF141B87B14
347th Character: Infinite HPCDEC41A8781B
357th Character: Maximum HPB6B50498336C
367th Character: Infinite SPB6B104D8B3E4
377th Character: Maximum SPB6B804D8B0E6
387th Character: Quick Level GainCDE541A87B19
398th Character: Infinite HPB6356E3A7C4C
408th Character: Maximum HPB63C6E3A7F4E
418th Character: Infinite SPB6386E7AFFC6
428th Character: Maximum SPB7712B5AB4F4
438th Character: Quick Level GainB63C2E1A376E
449th Character: Infinite HP97E5692A7F59
459th Character: Maximum HP97EC692A7C5B
469th Character: Infinite SP97E8696AFCD3
479th Character: Maximum SPECB104D8B3A4
489th Character: Quick Level Gain97EC290A347B
4910th Character: Infinite HPEC352E1A372C
5010th Character: Maximum HPEC3C2E1A342E
5110th Character: Infinite SPEC382E5AB4A6
5210th Character: Maximum SPEC316E7AFF84
5310th Character: Quick Level Gain97EC41A8785B

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