GT Advance Championship Racing (European)

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1Must Be On (M)C4798318 C7C7D386
66C93DF4 28CD88E2
2Low Lap Time44CDA152 05F31153
A71076B5 8E18696E
3Low Total Time40B7920F C3B1E5FD
E14B622D 0D5168D1
4Unlock Cars & Extras5B69EE72 87618452
46EF965B 261B3825
3CFE4094 A56EB775
2979EC25 824DD7AD
CA064E1E 392FFE27
1646BAC4 39926DEB
5Unlock All Tune UpsAEC1ABD7 690F4FCE
22670CE9 8947F064
62D5D32B 168B1A8E
76F0564C 74BA1E6C
57BF4627 96978B8B
6C20F652 2D6EF8B1
DB55DA88 40DAE546
122C0E2F 2F59A9B7
6Unlock All TracksFAC32B03 D12DC938
B0A2C131 2EB48AA8
79DAB2D4 44CED811
EB511F41 A1C3517D

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6