Advance Wars (European)

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1Must Be On (M)F81EA499 C8DE272D
5E7259C6 97C500BE
2Alternate (M) Must Be OnAB24F316 D0C32E4F
FE2E7065 3FE3AAF0
3Press Cheat Device Button For 1-Hit KillB9FBEF5C 9E0A98CE
08A65CA9 D29B7717
12707FB2 3B6986A1
53944878 9F4CBD27
B58C93BA 392F21D5
5C4E91F8 3FFEDF34
44E1E7D1 1F30F6E9
6F579497 AD170999
60E4A643 79C76216
08F1E29F 9222AA25
9F54A5D4 8807675F
D16C846E AFF363AF
941D8E11 4A34F2F8
2B913F09 833B8BBA
33D6F694 E6D0D2F7
B04C67E6 DE72A8BB
5B579279 615D8EE6
AB5466DA 4CB005E4
F0F672FA 660A36FA
D6C18B4F F4FC4014
BF3475CC 75453863
4B252D1A FB58A06F
3C71E542 CD8654A6
7D1EBAA8 1B1AF904
CA3437DD 2E93BE71
4Always Day 1202FC6FD 228BADF8
5Infinite G8925F1DB BE106F77
8918135A 034F83DB
6No Enemy Power51E07A1F 31A118A3
B962B007 4226EDFF
7Power Up4B27C76F 0DD7EB87
36663189 5EDF529F
8Press Cheat Device Button For Slow78960794 27667199
9Always Day 1202FC6FD 228BADF8
10Infinite G8925F1DB BE106F77
8918135A 034F83DB
11No Enemy Power51E07A1F 31A118A3
B962B007 4226EDFF
12Power Up4B27C76F 0DD7EB87
36663189 5EDF529F
13Cheat Device Button For Slow78960794 27667199
14No Fog Of War6562F13D 7B34F39A
15Always Fog of WarFB0938A3 2EBA56F2
16Always Get S Rank36BE439D 5458DA78
17Have Nell As CO17215AE4 0E0E2B98
18Have Andy As CO431C515F 93AB780B
19Have Max As CO9CF70AA0 B0F3BBEF
20Have Olaf As CO8751493E 2F9FD568
21Have Sami As CO75CC0A60 9ED1B3BB
22Have Grit As COEF9443D0 6205278E
23Have Kanbei As CO44BA79A6 9C82AF5A
24Have Sonja As CO12BF1E0F CEAD44DB
25Have Eagle As CO677C7D28 1E3647D2
26Have Drake As CO6F4172E1 C64DB55A
27Have Sturm As CO3073FA7D D1FDE3F5
28Infinite CoinsCA7BBF64 9531371F
29Move All Around The Map2980A0DF 360B27BC
30Play Against Nell5811BA60 7BB50756
31Play Against Andy7A4F73E7 7D27D0F3
32Play Against Max5CF5F1B1 C58B3113
33Play Against Olaf75B1E32E E22BD8C4
34Play Against SamiEB0B2434 85B0A13F
35Play Against Grit995C91D3 8D9BBDB1
36Play Against Kanbei4DAD93C5 354097D1
37Play Against SonjaD0764688 9040CAF2
38Play Against Eagle97A6D0D9 5372AA52
39Play Against DrakeDD0A3BDC 5EC63EF7
40Play Against Sturm864E0845 FA413FED
41Enemy Has No G268E7A65 11A12B48
42Cheat Device Button To Win Capture BattlesF7C0490E C960D1C8
43Enemy Has 0 Buildings078B2552 B92883E0
Slot 1
44Health4221AF2D 5BBB6350
45Gas769E4745 5B44AD77
Slot 2
46HealthFDA09A4E 4A4BC5F9
47Gas18AD669C E84704F4
Slot 3
48HealthF1FBAF2A CA697334
49GasB2D1F19F 4C8526B1
Slot 4
50HealthA380E2D0 635BA7EF
51Gas28E322A1 E2978FF9
Slot 5
52Health13AB56EC E2CDDAA6
53Gas89F1317F DEE54049
Slot 6
54Health9577DEFE 7682711A
55Gas900FF155 BA91899D
Slot 7
56HealthD137F441 64FF6276
57GasA1ADE4B0 E17C9E0F
Slot 8
58Health30DD8CFF F27F3F87
59Gas9C9B44BB A2FAAA34
Slot 9
60Health6B60C18F 065D6672
61Gas7AF96C78 6C105ECA
Slot 10
62Health35D788F6 0B091D6B
63Gas967A4CC0 4650495B
Slot 11
64Health3B2C743E 4BF983C6
65GasE8DD8D6A 4A5C9F67
Slot 12
66Health19D6A4F7 1999D3E3
67GasE0CCDEEC B857525F
Slot 13
68HealthBBA8497A 4F8A13F0
69Gas8CEC3C8F 9B225281
Slot 14
70Health9987C545 FC41104C
71Gas637337DE DEFD4C9A
Slot 15
72HealthAAC3B1E0 0A786861
73Gas5BE347EF C07738DE

Most by Interact1
Interact3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
XAnimal9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43