Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

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1Must Be On [M]9687210B C275FAFA
C24652CF B083124D
8BDFB360 7B580F35
Mario Brothers Classic Codes
2Invincible183D24D8F 7C84FD2B
3Infinite Lives565D0A8B 854E34EF
4Max Score598FD46F CE1133C4
5Phase 5013067C22 08D883AA
6Phase 99EC423AA1 13B097D9
7Cheat Device Button For Mega Jump29363EC13 00EDB208
Super Mario World Codes
8Infinite LivesBC622F45 14E92BFE
9Infinite TimeBDB1A787 F6F37968
10Always Small3DF9EB6A 0B8686A5
11Always BigB01020C1 1D5B15E4
12Always Fire Power9FFEA16C F4FACBE2
13Always Cape Power12627495 F278C3B8
14Infinite Mushroom Reserve3F8884DC D8DCB9F4
15Infinite Star ReserveEC5A829E 08C0484D
16Infinite Feather ReserveDCE26661 1CDD64F4
17Infinite 1-Up ReserveDCB3600B 0FE4A34F
18Invincible7E5632E7 A265EF89
19Press Cheat Device Button To Hover3A194D528 349DBBD6
20Always MarioDFD8C2C0 274D9DF5
21Always Luigi7A21C152 B1CF670A
22Always Star PowerDE5E0C6A 8336978D
23Quick Speed Up428308B77 D5F8DD16
241 B. Star For BonusB9DF69BA AC106B96
251 Coin For 1-UpA5921E3E F2F588EC
26Always Start Level With YoshiF7336DDA B33801B2
27Light Yellow Yoshi (With Fight Ability)009E380C 27D3C225
28White Yoshi (With Pound Ability)4B23EF2E A8D1ED0A
29Yellow Yoshi (With Pound Ability)B81E20C0 3F842532
30Blue Yoshi (With Flight Ability)F103BDF3 BF17089E
31Red Yoshi12845CAE 1B5090E9
32Green Yoshi6061519E 1144C056
33Grey Yoshi (With Pound Agility)6871FB87 B47E68B4
34Light Blue Yoshi (With Flight Ability)69BDA5CB 810881F5
35Press Cheat Device Button For 4 Dragon Coins56EF3D29D 8D57CBC3
36Zero World TimeC404EFC6 91C557A5
37Crazy Eating Yoshi629704C17 65C1E8A9
389999990 Points In SMW Mode83AD97D1 18774383
39Always Ride Invisible Yoshi (Can't Use Tongue)0A555249 53D9340C
40Yoshi Always Has Broken Wings (Doesn't Act Like The Normal Wings)E9DA960F 3EADA303
41Max points83AD97D1 18774383

1Turn the GS switch OFF when starting a new level and when finishing a level.
2You must hold down the Cheat Device Button while you press the jump button.
3You must hold down the Cheat Device Button while you press the jump button.
4Press the B button while walking to instantly speed up.
5Press Cheat Device Button for 4 Dragon Coins. Collect one more to have all in that level.
6Do not eat the berry just let Yoshi's mouth on the berry and he will keep eating it until he has eaten enough for a bonus.

InterAct2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Most by InterAct19, 23, 35, 37
DGenerateKane38, 39, 40, 41