Sims: Bustin' Out, The

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1(M) Must Be On58EC9C5A 37254435
D0A779D5 DA714B18
2Max/Infinite MoneyBF3B2646 4FBEB3D3
3Max Aluminum Cans25D04CBE CA3545CE
4Max Old Glass Jars1F0D123A 32B3684A
5Max Mechanical Cogs73ACDD46 87E95C80
6Max Nuclear Fuel Rods280FCF08 C5DE3D4A
7Max 3-Eared Mice95CC285C C73D62CB
8Known/Loved By AllC59B004F DCC9F5C7
7DAF0557 6456C332
9Max StatsFCE53538 777F2CA9
AD70520C 6966E0CB
B6C40EC0 02D0E147
10Never HungryC1CC3224 5C88A512
11Never Dirty96C82952 D4ECFB6D
12Never Need Bed96FE1525 460ADA89
13Max RelationshipsEB98DD11 1A9C26AB
14Never Need To Sit5B40402C 280351D3
15Never Have To Poop90C68D95 73DE0084
16Never Need TvDA5EDCD7 EB5DEC3F
17House Always Clean8258FEAE C81F22A7
18Select + R Increases TimeDEA0368B 0249C9BB
38F8B6A9 B07D2023
19Select + Up Decreases TimeAF453DFA 563312E4
3821C771 7DA8ED6F
Max Attributes Codes
20Neat5E00A6E9 B0E487A5
21Outgoing88534734 A006A969
22Active03C40EA0 EB1CC687
23Playful9DF06C69 E5095EE1
24NiceEAA9466A 1F9598F4
Max Skills Codes
25CookingC09EC1C1 382CD4E1
26Mechanical027D4F30 5298A7B1
27Creativity791C058D A9C37AC0
28Body6CF5786A 0224284F
29Logic9CD1B05B 5E1BFC01
30CharismaA692A58A 0A58DBB2
31All Needs Never Go Down17382157 A0A06BFB
694509FB 8BCD8DD3
DA1B078A 8665E58F
73A23C21 68EDA92F
914BB223 A01EA062
42E1AD18 0E3D3A89
7654145B 8358EC97
2988749A CCA7F6B3
32Max Items633A2E13 5FB2B777
74881EBD 656A35A4
22866C46 2AB1B6A0
33Max All Skills7E90DD82 5AF073B6
03013C55 769A7DF9
25FD85F5 E0FC9118
768C01B4 FEF9E1EB
34A9EAF9 12D0C5E1
454F7E50 717C5E94
34Max All AttributesEB488EC4 5374E91C
DB5FF314 FE9488F3
77A57B93 4E158070
35Max Affection (All Characters)70962FF8 ACEB14CF
0F1FC65B A42A4537
26B84E70 D8229B14
CC3D1B7E 18237475
A8D1AD53 F6309307
1DFE0510 01D6BE71
9183E2F3 582571FF
B57FA0D9 A391D156
F15F2754 EB1B6665
8237B9EB A7E38A41
C5BFA55C 017E9151
AB325B9A B515A410
9714F00C 4CD140B0
E088F730 386E75A6
D02D3984 68753DAC
E76BA6A0 77AF3F82
9B61E254 35FBBDB7

ANTRAX_CS1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35