Mech Platoon

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V1 & V2 Codes
1(M) Must Be On9D477D79 7A2D2DE7
758A913D 32BBDF8E
2Debug Menu033B9C45 4EB91FD4
3Infinite Material RockC05AA0FB CB2DAC23
91FD51BE 8584A48C
C26D0D1F 3C29632F
4Infinite Energy SandC05AA0FB CB2DAC23
A0652E7A 263BAC93
09F3AB49 20FAA37D
5Infinite Laser CrystalC05AA0FB CB2DAC23
92F4EDF6 AB4598B6
29B0D69D 2674353E
?? Codes
6(M) Must Be On9D477D79 7A2D2DE7
758A913D 32BBDF8E
7Enable Debugger153582AB4 CF2E0A89
D45E793C CF4306C9
EF0246B2 AC57B9A8
8Infinite Material Rock - Single Player46D0AE2A 3315BB86
9Infinite Engery Sand - Single PlayerC42119D7 F611405B
10Infinite Laser Crystal - Single Player5D5E3694 3C1299A5
11Infinite Material Rock - Vs19D7F3BD F2909E8B
12Infinite Engery Sand - VSFFAC1EF0 25DAB52B
13Infinite Laser Crystal - VSA6632A33 BA16D691
14Cheat Device Button For Slow78960794 27667199

1Do Not use this code with the Regular (M) code and the other Codes.

ANTRAX_CS1, 2, 3, 4, 5
XAnimal & Parasyte6
XAnimal8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14