Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

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1(M) Must Be On502F4DE9 75D4B6CA
8791F574 20D9F121
2Mario Infinite HP9ABED4C3 47E9DB61
3Mario Max HP87AF86C9 1A28189A
4Mario Infinite BPA56EB799 A8E7DB0B
5Mario Max BPF2C9D210 E12F3192
6Luigi Infinite HP4494BD2C B74E3548
7Luigi Max HP4A53C1E0 2B642D39
8Luigi Infinite BP94E3AAA7 7B23BF7C
9Luigi Max BP2E6B05B5 BBD4B57E
10Max Mario Stats (Press L+R+A)BE3601A0 5B587B55
682B776E 7EEF4BDC
BE3601A0 5B587B55
C4B89207 2E64F312
BE3601A0 5B587B55
2D195970 AA9BDC3E
BE3601A0 5B587B55
2D3E8A99 7B1B1462
11Max Luigi Stats (Press LR+A)BE3601A0 5B587B55
93138563 F71EE777
BE3601A0 5B587B55
A92E5028 55E8ADA5
BE3601A0 5B587B55
3294B6C0 B540EF74
BE3601A0 5B587B55
DE12ACD8 037D40B9
12Infinite Health In Battle3CE9023A 85A15BE6
844B8161 5803D20D
F5BE3431 05E4296E
15326286 DC6833A4
13Quick Level Up49F2C3B5 8689F4D8
14Stop Game TimerB340AAF4 CCC10E3A
15Infinite CoinsA9873144 203A53CE
16All Regular ItemsCC877F1E 5812F01D
17All Beans143ABBA7 BEECBA00
18Have All Weapons And Abilities6B68E18A 81C203BF
19511 Exp After BattleFFFE50E5 A8AD1330
20Max. Pow Points (note)1DBE25165 833AA0BF
E952148B C5598724

1Without the GS, points go back to normal when you power up.

ANTRAX_CS1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19