Perfect Dark

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Infinite Health1012730C0
2Infinite 1st Weapon Ammo010104DB
3Infinite 6-YYY Ammo010F10DB
4Spider Boss 1-Hit Kills!010054D5
5Infinite Shotgun Ammo2010F52DB
6Gun Modifier 2nd Spot301??06DB
7Always Fire Disrupter011022DB
8Infinite Ammo First Person010FE6FF
9Infinite Health First Person View012500D9
10Freeze The Very First Enemy On The Stealth Mission4011099A2
11Silence Carrington5915100DF

1With this code, you must turn the switch off while first starting the game, and it has to be off when starting and ending levels. Otherwise the game will freeze.
2You can only use this code if you continue a saved game with a shotgun!
300 - Shotgun
01 - 6YYY
02 - Mg1-16G
03 - Fantom
04 - Health Pack
05 - Keycard
06 - Keycard 2
07 - Keycard 3
08 - Keycard 4
09 - Keycard 5
0A - Falcon 2
OB - Machine Gun Ammo
0C - Shotgun Ammo
0D - Pistol Ammo
0E - Rocket Ammo
OF - Pistol 2
10 - KNF-57
11 - Rocket Launcher
4Freeze him, walk up right behind him, and see if turning the switch off will unfreeze him, then shoot the bugger!
5This code kills most of the watch sequences. The weird thing is it causes the first part of the training to lock until you disable it so that guy can talk so the door will open. On the stealth training stage, it doesn't seem to care. I have used the code and he never appears.

tkempema51@hotmail.com3, 4, 5
InterAct7, 8, 9