Mega Memory Card

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Option Selected (All Menus)101??3FC0
3Icons On/Off201??2FC0
4Inverse On/Off01??30C0
5Sound On/Off01??31C0
6Unique Names On/Off01??32C0

1Yes, you read it right! Cheat Device codes for Interact's Mega Memory Card! If they can make it, I can hack it! To get these to work, insert any game into your Memory Card. Insert the Memory Card into the Cheat Device (the switch on the Memory Card should be on the opposite side of the Cheat Device's switch (as you see them). Insert the Cheat Device into the Gameboy normally. Turn it on and proceed. (This will work with Codebreaker too.)

Note for code: The digits depend on the position of the option. They increase by 8 for every line down from the top. The very top is 10. So the next line would be 18, then 20, then 28, etc. Any position in which an option is not present acts as an option that is.
For the main menu (Icons off), the digits are:br>38=Backup
58=Erase Game Cartridge
2For all the On/Off codes, 00=Off and FF=On.

Pika987651, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6