Centipede (Color)

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
All GB Color Games Require A Version 2.1+ Cheat Device
1Infinite Lives0104A0C6
2Board Modifier190??5DC5
3Starting Level Modifier290??A2C6
4Level Doesn't Change390F87DC5

1The `Board Modifier' code changes the layout of the board (i.e. the location of "mushrooms", spiders etc.) to other layouts stored in the game. Substitute any value for "??", and you will find that the board is different from the normal board for the level you are playing.
2The `Starting Level Modifier' code modifies which level you start on. Substitute any value between 00 and 63. 00 represents level one, 01 being level two, and so on until 63 is level 99 (the last level). Note: this modifier is counting up in hexadecimal, not decimal. If you use a value over 63 the second digit will not be readable.
3The `Level Doesn't Change' code makes you stay on the same level. The level will not be reset either, but if you die the centipede, but no mushrooms, will come back.

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