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1(M) Must Be On122C5F54A 00000002
2All Punches MasteredEC17161D 00000064
425B5140 E0709041
4074D04D 00000000
3All Kicks MasteredD3108D56 00000064
D329CD56 E070F041
4074D04D 00000000
4All Throws Mastered22276DCD 00000064
F228D80E E070D041
4074D04D 00000000
5Max Cash2A27ADC8 05F5E0FF
6All Collection16755819 E06B1041
24943CAD 00000000
7Tons Of ItemsC967A971 00000001
B9DE7404 00000001
A8F21F18 E070B041
E0507061 00000000

1If you experience problems playing with multiple codes on please load and save this code to the game, then select another code to have running.

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7