Ring, The

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1Infinite Health1014176B 00000064
S-Item Modifier Slots
2Special Note1N/A
3S-Items Quantity DigitsPlace these item modifiers in the S-Item slots.

Key To Reference Room 1c
Silver Ring 1f
Lab Member Card LV. 2 25
Emergency Power Key 26
Small Key 27
Emergency Power Key 28
Small Key 29
8mm Film 2a
Key To Audio/Visual Room 2b
Flashlight 2f
Lab Member Card LV. 1 19
4S-Item Modifier Slot 1644B6ABB000000xx
5S-Item Modifier Slot 298700B0D000000xx
6S-Item Modifier Slot 3A613506B000000xx
7S-Item Modifier Slot 4D8008225000000xx
8S-Item Modifier Slot 5F6D9977C000000xx
9S-Item Modifier Slot 6390925BD000000xx
10S-Item Modifier Slot 7393125BD000000xx
11S-Item Modifier Slot 864136ABB000000xx
12S-Item Modifier Slot 98D238CFA000000xx
13S-Item Modifier Slot 10B6BE3B77000000xx
14S-Item Modifier Slot 11B6463B77000000xx
15S-Item Modifier Slot 12E6EF196E000000xx
Crate Codes
16Handgun In Crate2DF744AB 00000001
17Katana In Crate6F3B4CAF 00000002
18Shotgun In CrateBD961D63 00000003
19Assault Rifle In CrateED073F7A 00000004
20Grenade Launcher In Crate433A3827 00000005
21Rocket Launcher In Crate7405F4EC 00000006
22Handgun Ammo In CrateCC6BC016 00000008
FD11B168 000003E7
23Shotgun Ammo In CrateFD29B168 0000000B
32F903A9 000003E7
24Assault Rifle Ammo In Crate5B3750B9 0000000C
86EBAAEE 000003E7
25Grenades In Crate93882D19 0000000D
CC33C016 000003E7
26Napalm Bombs In CrateEDB73F7A 0000000E
2D1F44AB 000003E7
27Rocket Missiles In Crate2D2744AB 00000011
5B6F50B9 000003E7
28Healing Jelly In Crate7475F4EC 00000013
29Healing Jelly PLUS In Crate607B4CAC 00000014
30Healing Jelly EX In CrateB2D61D60 00000015
31Small Battery In CrateE2473F79 00000016
22EF44A8 00000004
32S-Item Modifier Slot 1644B6ABB000000xx

1Only use S-Items for these slots.

Replace xx with the number corresponding to the item you wish to store in this slot.

Interact1, 3, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32