WWF Steel Cage Challenge

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1Start With No Energy (Hulk Hogan)023 327 5D5
2Start With 1/4 Energy (Hulk Hogan)4F3 327 5D5
3Start With 1/2 Energy (Hulk Hogan)6A3 327 5D5
4Start With 3/4 Energy (Hulk Hogan)C03 327 5D5
5Start With 1/4 Energy (Opponent)453 8E7 5D5
6Start With 1/2 Energy (Opponent)6A3 8E7 5D5
7Start With 3/4 Energy (Opponent)C03 8E7 5D5
8Not Allowed Outside Ring For Long03B BAB C42
9No Out-Of-Ring Counter (Hulk Hogan)003 076 E65
10Bodyslam Causes Max DamageFFB 845 A2A
11Bodyslam Causes No Damage00B 845 A2A
12Bodyslam Causes 1/2 Damage99B 845 A2A

All by Galoob12