Surf Ninjas

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1Start With 1 Life015-36F-E66
2Start With 6 Lives065-36F-E66
3Start With 9 Lives095-36F-E66
4Unlimited Lives3AE-28F-2A2
5Start On Level 2: Docks Of Venice, CA010-AEF-E6A
6Start On Level 3: Island Of Patu San020-AEF-E6A
7Start On Level 4: Jungle Of Patu San040-AEF-E6A
8Start At The Cave Of The Ancients050-AEF-E6A
9Start On Level 5: Colonel Chi's Prison Camp1060-AEF-E6A
10Start On Level 6: Colonel Chi's Fortress2070-AEF-E6A
11Start With No Zatches005-49F-E62
12Start With 1 Zatch015-49F-E62
13Start With 10 Zatches105-49F-E62
14Start With 50 Zatches505-49F-E62
15Unlimited Zatches00F-47A-E6E
16Start With No Hints005-4AF-E66
17Start With One Hint015-4AF-E66
18Start With 10 Hints105-4AF-E66
19Start With 50 Hints505-4AF-E66
20Start With No Weapons005-4BF-B3E
21Start With 5 Of Each Weapon055-4BF-B3E
22Start With 30 Of Each Weapon305-4BF-B3E
23Start With 50 Of Each Weapon505-4BF-B3E
24Start With No Gold005-4CF-2AA
25Start With Only 15 Gold Coins155-4CF-2AA
26Start With 60 Gold Coins605-4CF-2AA
27Start With 99 Gold Coins995-4CF-2AA
28Unlimited HintsC9A-ABA-19E
29Unlimited Weapons000-72E-E6E
30Unlimited Gold3A2-9A9-2A2

1Game cannot be completed when this code is activated.
2Game cannot be completed when this code is activated.

All by ?9, 10