Sonic The Hedgehog 2

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1Infinite Lives009-04F-3BE
2Invincible After 1 Ring (Except On Act 3)A78-92C-19E
3Each Ring Worth 2 Points026-5ED-E6E
4Each Ring Worth 3 Points036-5ED-E6E
5Each Ring Worth 4 Points046-5ED-E6E
6Each Ring Worth 5 Points056-5ED-E6E
7Each Ring Worth 6 Points066-5ED-E6E
8Each Ring Worth 7 Points076-5ED-E6E
9Each Ring Worth 8 Points086-5ED-E6E
10Don't Lose Rings When Hit3A7-E4C-2A2
11Start With 1 Life012-B8D-E66
12Start With 5 Lives052-B8D-E66
13Start With 9 Lives092-B8D-E66
14Stop Timer001-12D-3B7
15Start On Act 23E2-E4D-3B4
16Start On Act 33E2-E4D-3B4

All by Galoob2