Revenge of Drancon

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1Start With 5 Lives05D DDF E66
2Start With 7 Lives07D DDF E66
3Start With 12 Lives0CD DDF E66
4Start With 25 Lives195 DDF E66
5Start With 50 Lives325 DDF E66
6Start With 99 Lives635 DDF E66
7Start With 5 Health/Vitality Units055 649 D5A
8Start With 8 Health/Vitality Units085 649 D5A
9*Start With 25 Health/Vitality Units1195 649 D5A
10*Start With 50 Health/Vitality Units325 649 D5A
11*Start With 99 Health/Vitality Units635 649 D5A

1* = Don't grab any fruit.

All by Galoob9