R.C. Grand Prix

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11st Race Is 0:45 Instead Of 1:002DD-68D-19A
21st Race Is 2:0078D-68D-19A
31st Race Is 4:15FFD-68D-19A
42nd Race Is 0:45 Instead Of 1:302DD-69D-803
52nd Race Is 2:0078D-69D-803
62nd Race Is 4:15FFD-69D-803
73rd Race Is 0:45 Instead Of 1:202DD-6AD-A2B
83rd Race Is 2:0078D-6AD-A2B
93rd Race Is 4:15FFD-6AD-A2B
104th Race Is 0:45 Instead Of 2:002DD-6BD-E60
114th Race Is 2:0078D-6BD-E60
124th Race Is 4:15FFD-6BD-E60
13Time For All Races Is 4:153EB-94F-80E
14Items Are Free If You Have Enough Money000-BFC-5DD

All by Galoob1