Prince of Persia

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1Infinite Time1004 03B 19E
245-Minute Game2D2 08F 19A
320-Minute Game142 08F 19A
410-Minute Game0A2 08F 19A
5*Start With More Health Units2081 38C E66
6Don't Lose Health Units When You Drop Off Some Ledges3001 E9E 3BE
7Start On Level 2049-4ED-E66
8Start On Level 3059-4ED-E66
9Start On Level 4069-4ED-E66
10Start On Level 5079-4ED-E66
11Start On Level 6089-4ED-E66
12Start On Level 7099-4ED-E66
13Start On Level 80A9-4ED-E66
14Start On Level 90B9-4ED-E66
15Start On Level 100C9-4ED-E66
16Start On Level 110D9-4ED-E66
17Start On Level 120E9-4ED-E66
18Start On Level 130F9-4ED-E66
19Walk All The Way To The Left To See Ending109-4ED-E66

1If you lose a life and the Prince disappears, switch all codes off and then on and he will re-appear.

Select the Options screen, move the cursor down to health units, press 1 button 3X for 6 health units, 4X for 7 health units, 5X for 8 health units.

* = Additional health units only show up when you enter game

3You do lose additional units but they won't go below three.

All by Galoob1, 5, 6