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1Player 1's Baskets Always Worth 13CA-419-E68
2Player 1's 3-pt. Shots Worth 23EA-3B9-C45
3Player 1's 2-pt. Shots Worth 33EA-3B9-C45
4Player 1's Baskets Always Worth 43EA-3B9-C45
5Player 1's Baskets Always Worth 53EA-3B9-C45
6Player 1's Baskets Always Worth 63EA-3B9-C45
7Player 1's Baskets Always Worth 73EA-3B9-C45
8Player 1's Baskets Always Worth 83EA-3B9-C45
9Player 2's Baskets Always Worth 13CA-5E9-E68
10Player Has Super Dunk Ability07E-214-C46
11Player Has Infinite Turbo07E-0F4-C46
12Player Is Permanently "On Fire"07E-334-C46
13Player Has Enhanced Interception Ability07D-EB4-C46
14Player Has Enhanced Defensive Ability00D-E34-F7A
15"Juice" Mode07E-454-D56
16Shot Success Percentages Displayed For All Non-Dunk Shots07D-FD4-C46
17Turbo Drains Very Slowly0ED-2AA-5D2
18Turbo Drains Slower15D-2AA-5D2
19Turbo Drains Slightly Slower1DD-2AA-5D2
20Turbo Drains Slightly Faster40D-2AA-5D2
21Turbo Drains Faster50D-2AA-5D2
22Turbo Drains Very Quickly81D-2AA-5D2
23Turbo Doesn't Recharge Until End Of QuarterC9D 5DA 91D
24Infinite Shot Clock Time001 4CD 19E
253-Second Shot Clock For Computer031 25A 80A
265-Second Shot Clock For Computer051 25A 80A
2715-Second Shot Clock For Computer0F1 25A 80A
28Gravity Mode 1007 D09 E62
29Gravity Mode 2017 D09 E62
30Infinite Time3A5 D9E 2A2
311-Minute Quarters018 C7F E66
01A C6F E66
321-Shot Game008 C7F E66
00A C6F E66
339-Minute Quarters098 C7F E66
09A C6F E66
341-Minute Quarters018 C7F E66
01A C6F E66
35Computer Can't Score3AA 5F9 2A2
36Games Last 3 Quarters028 8CF E6E
37Games Last 2 Quarters038 8CF E6E
38Shot Clock Always Displayed200 CFD C46

All by Galoob1