Mortal Kombat II

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1Infinite Energy00B B19 F79
2View Ending001 30A 082
3E1 31A C42
001 32A F7A
3Infinite Credits3A4 026 2A2
4Start With 0 Credits001 2CA F76
5Start With 10 Credits0B1 2CA F76
6Start With 15 Credits101 2CA F76
7Start With 49 Seconds04B 7C6 C4E
8Start With 79 Seconds07B 7C6 C4E
9Start With 9 Seconds00B 7C6 C4E
10Infinite Time005 3F5 3BE
11Start With 3/4 Energy - Player 132B A3E F77
12Start With 1/2 Energy - Player 122B A3E F77
13Start With 1/4 Energy - Player 112B A3E F77
14Start With Very Little Energy - Player 102B A3E F77
15Start With 3/4 Energy - Player 232B A6E F77
16Start With 1/2 Energy - Player 222B A6E F77
17Start With 1/4 Energy - Player 212B A6E F77
18Start With Very Little Energy - Player 202B A6E F77
19Flying Kick Does No Damage006-4EF-D56
20Flying Kick Does Mega Damage996-4EF-D56
21Uppercut Does No Damage006-66F-A2E
22Uppercut Does Mega Damage996-66F-A2E
23Crouching Kick Does No Damage006-1EF-E66
24Crouching Kick Does Mega Damage996-1EF-E66
25Regular High Kick Does No Damage006-26F-F72
26Regular High Kick Does Mega Damage996-26F-F72
27Roundhouse Foot Sweep Does No Damage006-AEF-C42
28Roundhouse Foot Sweep Does Mega Damage996-AEF-C42
29CPU Dead at Start00B A9E F77
30Both Invisible1990 567 470
31Wacky ModeB45 45C 321

1You and your Opponents are Visable, just non-touchable.

All by Galoob1
Joshy0071829, 30, 31