Lion King, The

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1Start With 1 Life1017 B98 E66
2Start With 5 Lives057 B98 E66
3Start With 9 Lives097 B98 E66
4Start With 1/2 Of A Circle of Life027 BB8 C4A
5Start With 1 Circle of Life047 BB8 C4A
6Start With No Circles of Life007 BB8 C4A
These Codes Work On Any Difficulty Setting
7Get Hit & Become Invisible3A6 439 2A2
8Flash Less After Getting Hit0F6 639 7FB
9Flash Longer After Getting HitFF6 639 7FB
10Ladybugs Don't Restore Any Energy3A9 9E9 2A2
11Infinite Lives3A6 88C 2A2
12Invisible3E5 B5A 4CA
13Invincible3E7 73B 7F4
3D7 76B A27
327 77B 082

1The first 6 codes only work on the lion prince difficulty level!

All by Galoob1