Jurassic Park

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Arcade Stage Codes
1Start With 1 Energy Point01A 11B E66
2Start With 2 Energy Points02A 11B E66
3Start With 5 Energy Points05A 11B E66
4Start With 9 Energy Points09A 11B E66
5One Hit By An Enemy Is FatalAF6 E68 19A
6Invincibility3A6 E78 2A2
Action Stage Codes
7Start With 1 Life (1st Game Only)01E 2EB E66
8Start With 2 Lives (1st Game Only)02E 2EB E66
9Start With 5 Lives (1st Game Only)05E 2EB E66
10Start With 9 Lives (1st Game Only)09E 2EB E66
Pteranodon Level Codes
11Hit Enemies 1x & They Run Away012 509 E62
12Hit Enemies 5x & They Run Away052 509 E62
13Hit Enemies 9x & They Run Away092 509 E62
14Start With 5 Lives On Continue05E 679 E66
15Start With 1 Life On Continue01E 679 E66
16Start With 9 Lives On Continue09E 679 E66
17Invincibility (Action Stage Only)C98 26D 19D
18Start First Game With 1 Life & 1 Continue01E 2EB E66
01E 11B E66
19Start First Game With 5 Lives & 5 Continues05E 2EB E66
05E 11B E66
20Start First Game With 9 Lives & 9 Continues09E 2EB E66
09E 11B E66
21Infinite Lives3AC B49 2A2
22Infinite Continues00E 739 E69
231 Touch By An Enemy Is FatalAF8 22D A20

All by Galoob1