Dragon Crystal

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1Infinite Hit Points214 EBA 6E2
2Start With 75 Hit Points4BF FAF 7FB
3Start With 150 Hit Points96F FAF 7FB
4Start With 125 Hit Points7DF FAF 7FB
5Start With 50 Food50F F5F 2AA
6Start With 75 Food75F F5F 2AA
7Start With Maximum Food (99)99F F5F 2AA
8Infinite Food3AE FBD 2A2
9Start On Floor 2 As Ranger102F EDF E6E
10Start On Floor 3 As Soldier03F EDF E6E
11Start On Floor 4 As Warrior04F EDF E6E
12Start On Floor 5 As Fighter05F EDF E6E
13Start On Floor 6 As Swordsman06F EDF E6E
14Start On Floor 7 As Veteran07F EDF E6E
15Start On Floor 8 As Knight08F EDF E6E
16Start On Floor 9 As Champion09F EDF E6E
17Start On Floor 10 As Hero0AF EDF E6E
18Start On Floor 11 As Master0BF EDF E6E
19Start On Floor 12 As Paladin0CF EDF E6E
20Start On Floor 13 As Warlord0DF EDF E6E
21Start On Floor 14 As Dragon Lord0EF EDF E6E
22Start On Floor 15 As Avatar0FF EDF E6E
23Start On Floor 16 As Master Lord10F EDF E6E

1Best to avoid enemies if you start at high levels until you are better equipped.

All by Galoob1, 9