Double Dragon

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1Start With 2 Lives012 19F E66
2Start With 6 Lives052 19F E66
3Start With 10 Lives092 19F E66
4Start With 1 Energy Bar For First Knockdown Only012 21F F76
5Start With Two Energy Bars For First Knockdown Only022 21F F76
6Start With Lots Of Energy00F 03F 3BF
7Pick Up Gun & Keep Until End Of Level00C B6F 3BE
8Gun Has 1 Bullet013 D9C DD6
9Gun Has 5 Bullets053 D9C DD6
10Gun Has 9 Bullets093 D9C DD6
112 Lives After 1st Continue017 EAD E66
126 Lives After 1st Continue057 EAD E66
1310 Lives After 1st Continue097 EAD E66
14Infinite Continues007 E5D 3B7
15Start With 1 Energy Bar (After 1st Life)014 37F F76
16Start With 1.5 Energy Bars (After 1st Life)024 37F F76
17Start With 2 Energy Bars (After 1st Life)034 37F F76
18Nasties Warp All Over The Place (Very Hard To Kill)AFD 0AE F70

All by Galoob1