Bram Stoker's Dracula

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1Start With 1 Life002 4FA E66
2Start With 2 Lives012 4FA E66
3Start With 6 Lives052 4FA E66
4Start With 10 Lives092 4FA E66
5Infinite Lives3A3 C8A 2A2
6Start With Energy At 1 (1st Life)012 4AA F7A
7Start With Energy At 6 (1st Life)062 4AA F7A
8Start With Energy At 9 (1st Life)092 4AA F7A
9Start With Energy At 1 (1st Life)013 C0A F7A
10Start With Energy At 6 (After 1st Life)063 C0A F7A
11Start With Energy At 9 (After 1st Life)093 C0A F7A
12After Pick-Up, Keep Weapons Until End Of Level (After 1st Life)3A4 39C 2A2
13Infinite Time (After 1st Life)001 7BB 19E
14Invincible (After 1st Life)13A5 93C 2A2
15Protection From Water & Spikes (After 1st Life)C39 95E E61
16Slow Side Scroll002 2FD XXX
17View Ending5CB 2AA XXX
18Moon Jump01B 4DC XXX

1This code can't be switched back on unless you're blinking.

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