Bonkers: Wax Up!

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1Start With 1/4 Energy009-87F-E66
2Start With 1/2 Energy019-87F-E66
3Infinite Energy213-6A5-6E2
4Infinite Lives3AB-286-2A2
5Start With 1/4 Energy After First Life00B-746-E66
6Start With 1/2 Energy After First Life01B-746-E66
7Don't Flash After Getting Hit000-045-197
8Flash A Lot Longer After Getting Hit990-045-197
91 Hit & You Become Invincible00F-4B7-3BE
10Almost InvincibleC35-285-E61
11Start With 1 Life009-8CF-E66
12Start With 5 Lives049-8CF-E66
13Start With 10 Lives099-8CF-E66

All by Galoob7