Batman Returns

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1Start With 2 Lives028 498 E66
2Start With 5 Lives058 498 E66
3Start With 7 Lives078 498 E66
4Infinite Lives00A 57A E6E
5Infinite Special Items004 758 19E
6Start With 2 Energy Units (1st Life)028 4E8 C42
7Start With 6 Energy Units (1st Life)068 4E8 C42
8Start With 8 Energy Units (1st Life)088 4E8 C42
9Start With 2 Energy Units (After 1st Life)02B 33A C42
10Start With 4 Energy Units (After 1st Life)04B 33A C42
11Start With 8 Energy Units (After 1st Life)08B 33A C42
12Start With 3 Special Items (1st Life)038 538 E6E
13Start With 3 Special Items (After 1st Life)03B 38A E6E
14Start With 6 Special Items (After 1st Life)06B 38A E6E
15Start With 9 Special Items (After 1st Life)09B 38A E6E

All by Galoob15