Street Fighter 2

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1Player One Starts With Very Little Energy013-F89-2AB
2Player One Starts With 1/4 Energy1F3-F89-2AB
3Player One Starts With 1/2 Energy3A3-F89-2AB
4Player One Starts With 3/4 Energy523-F89-2AB
5Player One Starts With More EnergyFF3-F89-2AB
6Player Two Starts With Very Little Energy013-FF9-2AB
7Player Two Starts With 1/4 Energy1F3-FF9-2AB
8Player Two Starts With 1/2 Energy3A3-FF9-2AB
9Player Two Starts With 3/4 Energy523-FF9-2AB
10Player Two Starts With More EnergyFF3-FF9-2AB
11Start With ?? Seconds On The Timer884-619-6E7
12Start With ?? Seconds On The Timer884-619-6E7
13Start With ?? Seconds On The Timer884-619-6E7
14Start With ?? Seconds On The Timer884-619-6E7
15Allows You To Select A Higher Skill Level093-85A-F72
16Opponent Can't Win Any Normal Rounds00B-938-E6D
17Fireball Doesn't Do Any Damage005-838-B3E
18Fireball Does More Damage405-838-B3E
19Fireball Kills885-838-B3E
20Nobody Takes Damage From Anything But Throws/Grabs009-249-3B7
21Opponent Is Better113 45E 865
22Some Weird GlitchesFF2 3BB BBC
23Weird Music (Go Into Options And Mess Around, It's Fun)443 1AB 89A
24Jump Higher992 B3D
25Ryu's Super Fireball Doesn't Work012 4FF
26Opponent Will Be Get Drowsy In The First Round336 7A8
27All Is Frozen Except Timer, Turn Code Off Hit Opponent Once And Turn It On And Wait For The Timer To Run Out And You Win6FD 5EE
28Always Lose124 F8E
Ryu Codes
29Foot Sweep Doesn't Do Any Damage005-0B8-A2A
30Foot Sweep Does More Damage405-0B8-A2A
31Foot Sweep Kills885-0B8-A2A
32Crouch Punch Doesn't Do Any Damage004-F78-A2A
33Crouch Punch Does More Damage404-F78-A2A
34Crouch Punch Kills884-F78-A2A
35Normal Uppercut Doesn't Do Any Damage004-A78-A2A
36Normal Uppercut Does More Damage404-A78-A2A
37Normal Uppercut Kills884-A78-A2A
38Straight Punch Doesn't Do Any Damage004-CF8-A3A
39Straight Punch Does More Damage404-CF8-A3A
40Straight Punch Kills884-CF8-A3A
41Standing Back Kick Doesn't Do Any Damage004-BB8-C42
42Standing Back Kick Does More Damage404-BB8-C42
43Standing Back Kick Kills884-BB8-C42
44Rolling Throw Doesn't Do Any Damage005-B58-A22
45Rolling Throw Does More Damage405-B58-A22
46Rolling Throw Kills885-B58-A22
47Jumping Straight Up & Kicking Doesn't Do Any Damage005-338-A2E
48Jumping Straight Up & Kicking Does More Damage405-338-A2E
49Jumping Straight Up & Kicking Kills885-338-A2E
50Standing Short Kick Doesn't Do Any Damage004-D98-C4A
51Standing Short Kick Does More Damage404-D98-C4A
52Standing Short Kick Kills884-D98-C4A

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