Metroid 2: Return of Samus

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1Infinite Missiles00F-36B-E6E
2Infinite Energy80F-6DD-7F6
3At The Very Start Of The Game, You Start With The Bombs, Spider Ball, Space Jump, High Jump Boots, And Screw AttackAFE 79B A9F
4Start With About 165 MissilesFFE 7EB A9F
5Energy From Enemies Gives You 99 Life, If You Don't Have An Energy TankACE 7DB A9F
6Energy Tanks, Missile Tanks, And Stuff Like Spider Ball And Ice Beam, Come Back When You Leave The Screen. Makes Metroid's Come Back Too544 34B 9A0
7Debug Mode17B2-4BB-5D4
8Don't Load Font When Resuming Saved Game26F6-56F

1Pause the game and use Left and Right to select an item and A to toggle it. Use Up and Down to select a gun. Press Select to save the game if standing still (note: if the screen doesn't stay dark, pause and press Select again, repeating until it does), then pause and unpause again to restore sound. This code may cause bugs but it only needs to be on when loading or starting a game.
2When you use the Debug code's Save Anywhere feature, you'll notice glitched graphics when you resume. This happens because the game loads a font overtop of enemy sprite graphics in order to display the 'SAVE--- PRESS START' and 'SAVE COMPLETED' messagea for the save point. (Leaving any room with a save point in it will refresh the graphics.) This code redirects the loader to code that doesn't do anything, so the enemy graphics remain loaded and you can safely resume the game after using the Save Anywhere code. (Sure, the text for the save point will be garbage, but you know what it says. :p)

Galoob1, 2
Nin10doh@aol.com3, 4, 5
HyperHacker7, 8