Lucienne's Quest

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Important Note - Before Entering Codes For This Game1N/A
2Important Note - After Entering Codes For This Game2N/A
3Piles of GoldVEEDDWWXF
4Stat/Level Boost For LucienneZEEDDSKXF
5Stat/Level Boost For AgoTEEDDWVWF

1The following codes may ONLY be entered at the start of a NEW game. Do not
attempt to modify later saved games as they will most likely corrupt. This
is the procedure to correctly and safely enter these codes and modify your
files. Start a new game. After all of the initial conversations, exit the
house directly. As soon as you are outside, SAVE your game and do NOTHING
else! Remove Lucienne's Quest and insert the Game Guru cd.

These codes only work on the first save game slot. There are 3 codes. One
is a gold code, the last 2 are boost codes for the first two characters in
the game, Lucienne and Ago. You may enter either one, two or all three
codes. However, you may only enter the codes one time each. If they are
entered later in the game, you will most likely corrupt your saved game.
When you are finished entering the codes, you must use the hex editor to
edit byte number 2047. Depending on how many codes you enter, depends on
what changes need to be made to byte 2047.

First, enter any or all of the following codes.
2When you are finished entering the codes, enter the hex editor and locate
byte 2047.

If you use one code, you must raise the byte by two.
If you use two codes, you must raise the byte by four.
If you use three codes, you must raise the byte by six.

For example, if your byte is currently at 00 and you entered two codes,
use the directional control on the control pad to raise the byte to 04.
This means you will press the pad 4 times to raise it to 04. The byte
can contain numbers and letters so don't let that confuse you.

N/A1, 2
TomServo3K3, 4, 5