Crash 'n Burn

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Car Upgrades
1Nuke Missile (1 Shot) UpgradeOLWUIXF
2All Basic Car OptionsUDLGHXF
3Cloaking DeviceLVXHHXF
4Dragon LaserODXGJXF
5Particle GunPKXUJXF
6Dragon CannonOJXUJXF
7Over 16.7 Million In MoneyLFFEEDDEKXF
Switch Drivers
9Change Character To Fang1MXXCLXF
10Change Character To DrugarLWXCLXF
11Change Character To Tasman TwixKVXCLXF
12Change Character To Max AmilionJUXCLXF
13Change Character To KlawITXCLXF
14Change Character To RockerHSXCLXF
Switch Cars
15Change Car To Hammerhead2QXXGLXF
16Change Car To VortexPWXGLXF
17Change Car To CaretakerOVXGLXF
18Change Car To AssassinNUXGLXF
19Change Car To SniperMTXGLXF
20Change Car To FlatlinerLSXGLXF
21Change Car To Grim ReaperZMXGLXF
22Change Car To BacklashYLXGLXF
23Change Car To The DragonXKXGLXF

1These are ideal if you just want to see the unimpressive endings for each driver, but hell, enjoy anyway.
2Play as one driver, with anothers car, or choose from the 3 hidden cars. These are classified by the cars names, not the drivers there of. good luck!

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