Cannon Fodder

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Unlimited Continues Game Guru FixThe 999 Recruits Remaining code in the Game Guru's internal library will cause the game to crash after 360 soldiers have been killed. In order to continue from this point, a new game must be started and patched with the last mission and phase completed. Due to the complexity of the saved game file, which saves the kills and rank of every soldier, the Game Guru will state that there are "TOO MANY CHANGES" when attempting to create a standard Game Guru code. Thus, the following manual procedure must be used to create a saved game that can be continued:

- Rename your current "CannonFodder" saved game file to "CannonFodder0"
- Use the Game Guru's Hex Editor and make a note of the value of offsets 24 and 48 in the "CannonFodder0" file. This assumes your latest game is in the first saved game slot. Offset 24 corresponds to the phase, and offset 48 corresponds to the mission.
- Start the game and immediately save a new game in the first saved game slot without playing a mission.
- Use the Game Guru's Hex Editor and edit offsets 24 and 48 of the "CannonFodder" saved game file to match those from the "CannonFodder0" file.
- If desired, re-apply the 999 Recruits Remaining and/or Maximum Experience codes from the Game Guru's internal library.
- Load the patched saved game to resume gameplay.

Note that this may place your phases out of sync. For example, the last phase of the Jungle More Jungle, "Donkeytastic", may appear as the first phase of Chiller Thriller Killer, which is the next mission. This may be corrected by editing offset 24 after the next mission has been completed and saved.