Sonic Advance

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1Enable Code (Must Be On)972DEB4E BE0E
F4D9B2E3 CD66
F7A776EC D19D
2Normal Shield Effects1B3CE5EC9 F5DF
3Lightning Shield Effects2EFCF87C5 F94E
Play Level Codes
Miscellaneous Codes
Sonic Chaos Codes
4Enable Code (Must Be On)0000FFE5 000A
1000E086 0007
5Infinite Rings3820002F8 207F
820002FA 0200
820002FC 6008
820002FE 1C08
82000300 E015
82006626 3000
6Quick Stat Level Up4820044A6 2063
Chao Garden Codes

1With this code, you don't see the shield, but it's there.
2With this code, same as above, you don't see it.
3Most of the time you'll start with about 30,000+ & cheap items that cost less than 255 rings that won't lower your ring count.
4Feed your chao until a stat levels up. Once it levels up, it will keep going up until level 99.

All by DarkSerge, XAnimal, Parasyte & Freeza1, 2, 3
DarkSerge, XAnimal, Parasyte, Freeza & Sappharad4, 5, 6