Dark Arena

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1Enable Code (Must Be On)9FAC09B3 15AD
211D6C1A 1C60
2Infinite Health2B3AE62A 4EE0
3Infinite Time1878C0AC0 78EB
078C4AA8 78EB
4Infinite Ammo (Combat Rifle)8C6AC144 EA35
5Infinite Ammo (Bolt Gun)0DEA8028 EA3D
6Infinite Ammo (Energy & Combat Cannons)DDF2C040 EE3D
7Infinite Ammo (Rocket Launcher)8DEAC040 EA3D
8Infinite Ammo (Guided Missle)5C72812C EE35
9Infinite Ammo (Zoom Scope)DC72C144 EE35
10Have All Weapons2288AED2E C30C
11Have All Access CardsD7639251 A395

1With this code, seconds will still count on the clock, but your time will never go over 1 minute.
2With this code, weapons don't appear if you don't have any ammo for them.

XAnimal & Parasyte1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11