Advance GT 2 (Japanese)

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1Enable Code (Must Be On)9E98E1AC C4EA
18725F98 5263
08064681 5573
2Always 1st Place081BBCF5 DCDF
3Low TimerD9678DE2 1BA1
D867CDE6 13A3
4Unlock All CarsEEC130BE 64DA
09521F9C DE41
14EA1274 697A
5Unlock All Tuning Parts669F5065 24FA
269AF67D 647F
6Unlock All Extras6B53BC98 1DF5
6A53FC9C 14F7
7Unlock All TracksEEC510A6 64DE
09521F9C DE41

XAnimal & Parasyte1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7