Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Activator 1 P1D0015494 00??
2Activator 2 P1D0015495 00??
3Dual Activator P1D1015494 00??
4More music tracks in levels1D0015494 0010
800D4038 00??
is is the actual music selection code

An activator of your choice<< +
800D4039 00??

Repalce ?? with:

00-08 The Normal Songs
09, 1C, 66 Looping Noise
11 a normal song again ("Superman" - Goldfinger)
13 a normal song agsin ("Cyco Vision" - Suicidal Tendencies)
15 looping helicopter sound
17 looping engine sound - Hey, a skateboard with a motor! ;)
19 falling sound
5C, E6, 5A Menu select sound
76, DA, DC Police Radio
B4, B6 Taxi Driver - "Get out of the street!"

The rest is silence (0A, 0B, 0C, 1D-23, +...)and the braking glass sound(2C, 30, 3C, 46, +...)

You should combine it with an activator, and then hold the button down before the level starts, and the music to corresponding digits will play.

NOTE: The digits must not be higher than the deafault number of tracks (08), otherwise you will need to have the "More music tracks in Levels" code activated with digits equal or higher than the digits you choose for
is code.
5Officer Dick Playable2800DF258 000A
6Officer Dick Trick Tutorial3800D0FD4 000A
Keep Skating when tumbling
7Warehouse - Woodland Hills4803D667B 0000
8School - Miami803D4833 0000
9Mall - New York803D559B 0000
10Skate Park - Chicago803D7D1B 0000
11Downtown - Minneapolis803D4803 0000
12Downhill Jam - Phoenix803D5763 0000
13Burnside - Portland803D848B 0000
14Streets - San Francisco803D4E3B 0000
15Roswell - New Mexico803D6573 0000
16Fixed Camera5803Dxxxx 0001
8015494 0020
803Dxxxx 0000
17Micro Machines View (AR 3.0+ needed!)650006801 0000
803Dxxxx 00FF
813Dyyyy zzzz
18Main menu shortcut (Using start button on controller 2)7D00154C 0010
800D0FB7 0004
19Single player in two player modes8D00154C 0010
800D0FB7 0006
20Two players in single player modes9D001549C 0020
800D0FB7 0007
21Other shortcuts10See Note
22In-Game Menu Codes11D0015494 0020
800E8FAB 00xx
23Board Image Modifier P112810D481E ????
24Board Image Modifier P2810D4836 ????
Skateboard Effects
25Warehouse - Woodland Hills13803D6A4F 00XX
26School - Miami803D4C07 00XX
27Mall - New York803D596F 00XX
28Skate Park - Chicago803D80EF 00XX
29Downtown - Minneapolis803D4BD7 00XX
30Downhill Jam - Phoenix803D5B37 00XX
31Burnside - Portland803D885F 00XX
32Streets - San Francisco803D520F 00XX
33Roswell - New Mexico803D6947 00XX
34School - Stance Modifier14813D45FE 00xx

Extra Features

1Replace ?? with:

08 Default
09 Normal tracks + Main menu music
10 - FF Extra tracks (only sounds, voices, silence and noise - pretty
2He will always be the first character when you enter the character select screen. If you move away from him, you can't get back to him. Then you must exit the charcter select screen and enter again
3 Instructions:

Select "Extra" in the main menu, select any boarder in in the "Trick Tutorials" menu.
NOTE: There are no special moves for him, so do not choose a boarder where you have archieved the special moves - cos if you try to view 'em the game will lock up.
4Notes: If you put on an activator and change 0000 to 0001 you "freeze" the skater in mid-air/moves using the activator button. Looks funny.
5Level xxxx
Warehouse - Woodland Hills 5FA7
School - Miami 415F
Mall - New York 4EC7
Skate Park - Chicago 7647
Downtown - Minneapolis 412F
Downhill Jam - Phoenix 508F
Burnside - Portland 7DB7
Streets - San Francisco 4767
Roswell - New Mexico 5E9F

-This Code is used with a Z-button controller 1 activator.
When you press and hold the Z-button the camera will stop chasing you. When you release it again the camera goes back to chase mode.
-This code can be combined with the height-code from the Micro Machines View code (below).
-One more thing - don't watch/save the replays if you have used the code - the game will freeze.
6Notes on zzzz:

zzzz is the height. FFFF is near the ground; FE00 is high above the ground. F999 is almost unplayable because of the height and the fog. The recommended heights depend on the size and the structure of the levels. There's a "low"/"high" recommendation, but other values in this "area" will also work well.
Level xxxx yyyy rec.zzzz

Warehouse - Woodland Hills 6039 5FBC FF20/FDDD
School - Miami 41F1 4174 FF10/FEEE
Mall - New York 4F59 4EDC FF40/FF10
Skate Park - Chicago 76D9 765C FF10/FDDD
Downtown - Minneapolis 41C1 4144 FF10/FEEE
Downhill Jam - Phoenix 5121 50A4 FF20/FEEE
Burnside - Portland 7E49 7DCC FF30/FE90
Streets - San Francisco 47F9 477C FF20/FEEE
Roswell - New Mexico 5F31 5EB4 FF40/FEEE

Freeze/lockup notes:
Press start at the copyright screen, so you jump over the intro demos or else the game might freeze. Alternative: Use the Menu Code (below) to go right to the main menu.

Other notes:
In two player games these codes only affects player 2.
7This code is useful for the hackers that are tired of the "loading" time. Use it with an activator for a controller you do not use (P2 if you are hacking in single player modes; P3/P4 if you're hacking in two player).
Just start the game (with AR) and hold start-button (or the one you entered in the code) - you'll be taken directly to the main menu. It saves you a lot of time in the long run.
8On the main menu select two player and choose a mode. On the two player select screen activate the code (press start on controller 2), and you'll be at the single player skater select screen. There's no point of playing single in two-player games; but there are some new things to check out:
- In graffiti you can "colour the ramp with tricks", but the game freezes when the time runs out.
- The trick attack mode is just like a normal single player game.
- In Horse it's always player 1 who has to set a score. Player 2 will never get a go. Pointless!
9It works the same way as the one above (here the activator is the Z-button on controller 2)
New features:
- You can now play two-player without time. Select Free Skate in the main menu, and activate the code at the single player skater select screen.
- Player 1 can get tapes, and player 2 can skate around and irritate player 1. Go to the career mode and do the trick.

Notes on two-player career mode:
When you play two in career there will not be a collectable hidden tape in the game, nor the S-K-A-T-E letters. You can only get the easy/hard high score tapes and in some levels the "do 5 things" tapes.
10Use an activator and the code Menu Code (800D0FB7 00xx)

Replace xx with:

01 Copyright screen
02 Expansion Pack note
03 Title screen
04 Main menu
05 Rumble Pak note
06 Single player skater select
07 Two player skater select
08 Career menu
09 Data load
0A Two player menu
0B Single player Equipment select
0C Two player Equipment select
0E Level select
11 Level screen (just before playing the level)
17 Extra options menu
18 Options menu
19 Sound levels
1C Controls
25 Trick tutorials (part 1)
26 Trick tutorials (part 2)
27 Credits

(No cheat menu found!. but a lot of freezers!!)

Note: Only activate the code in the menus/copyright screen. Don't activate the code in game - it'll freeze the game. If you want to avoid accidentally pressing the activator button you could set the activator to a button on controller 3 (if you have one).
11Replace xx with:
01 Pause menu
02 Skip to restart
03 Really Quit?
05 Save Game?
06 Save Career?
07 Save Career? (The same as above?)
08 Jumps to the main menu
(Still no cheat menu found!)
The only "feature" of this code is, that you can get the "Skip to restart" menu (the same menu you can get with the push button cheat) and some "options" that aren't available in some modes, like "save career?" in Free Skate. I think it's useless.

Unlike the Menu Code above you don't have to use an activator for this code - you can just use the AR Memory Editor - just change the value and return to game and the menu have changed.

Note: Only use it when you have paused the game, or else guess what? It's getting cold! :)
Affects the board image in-game - not at the equipment select screen
13Replace XX with -

03 Dirt
14xx= stance digit
e.g 01 standing rigidly

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